Night came in its magic,
The candles flare in fading light,
Your arms wrapped me in your warmth,
In soft whispers our lips kissed.

Just you and me together in this magic moment,
Above us is the starry sky,
We are too small in this universe so infinite,
But our love is above everything exists.

Is not a story or a game,
Is just a rhythmic beating of my heart,
My poor heart fall deep in love,
There's no remedy for it.

Is it love a real fact,
Is it a mystery, a dream?
I say that love is an amazing gift i got,
It's like I touch a piece of heaven.

Wishing you are beside me,
I wanna touch your face and tell you,
I'll never learn how to live without you,
And i 'll be crazy if i could.

I totally miss you,
When there's no you my world collapse,
I'm calling you my love, be with me,
Come on and hold my heart.

I want be with you forever,
I wanna share my love with you,
I don't wanna miss a thing,
This pledge to you my love i bring.