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  • Love Is Not Theft
    It is so strange for you are not what I thought you to be
    I look into your eyes, and what am I to see
    For the person you once were is not who you are today
    The love we once had ...
  • Loving Another
    Have you ever felt such a pain
    I swear this is no other
    For there is no pain as strong
    As when you see your sweet lover, loving another ...
  • Time, Sweet Time
    Time, sweet time, oh how you fly.
    I did not hold onto you, though I don't know why.
    For now I miss you
    If you hear nothing else believe this, for it is true ...
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Camden_bulldogs: camden high school students in this year's junior leadership class are: brooklyn bowen, lizzie conder, alex hinton, stella miller, isabella rider, sophia roberts, giselle rubio, lainey williams and avery younghans. 2/2
Moonxreverie: and i have to quote it bec this is just too true and i'm cackling "poor nik looks like he's being made to swallow poison. this man is so in love; him and aleksander should make a club (mal's not invited)." (written by lizzie bowen)
Spenceralthouse: pedro pascal and bowen yang were reallllllly breaking character during that last snl sketch lol. too good
Helen61291272: theobald baldwin evangeline luke hayden bowen abigail lizzie
Marenrichardso5: zebulon lizzie bowen bert elroy violet vera clare
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