The day of time was darkening to its end:
The sun hung chill within the blackened noon,
Its splendors one with night. Form planetrs doomed
The wail of death to empty silence rose.
The stars were faint against the glooming vast,
Like wavering lights upon a windy plain
That one by one go out, and even as these,
The eternal suns expired, and left a void -
A huge black Nirvana of the skies -
A visible Oblivion. Then came down
The darkness and the silence on all things,
The worlds that eddy like wind-driven leaves
Within the airless deep, and souls of men,
And on all Life. The universe was night,
And this strange, troubled dream of Time and Place
A still vacuity. These things I knew,
When, lo! beneath my feet the steadfast earth
Grew nothingness, and down the gulf I fell,
And with the darkness and the silence merged.