Lord, Who, from Thy high position,
See'th the humble politician,
Knoweth all his secret schemes,
Readeth all his inmost dreams,
Hearken, Lord, unto our pleading;
Mark Thou how our hearts are bleeding,
Bleeding for our country's woes,
Caused by our unrighteous foes.

Lord, behold Thy chosen pleading!
Lend Thine aid to frame our laws.
Turn Thou not away unheeding,
Lord, assist the
[Freetra de]

See our enemies around us,
Seeking ever to confound us,
Seeking in their wickedness
E'er to compass our distress.
With the powers of darkness scheming,
And our Sacred Cause blaspheming.
Lord, let not their works abide.
For we know Thou'rt on our side.

We, the saviours of our nation,
Supplicate on bended knee.
Lord, our trust and consolation

Are in
[Forr est,]
[Bill Lyne]

and in Thee.

Lo, as righteous men, we've striven;
But our works are rent and riven
Through our foes' iniquities.
Lord, rebuke our enemies.
Let them be ashamed who doubt us
That they speak vain things about us.
Harken, Lord: bind fast their jaws!
That they may not plead their cause.

Lord, give ear unto our wailing!
Hearken to our prayer devout,
That, our policy prevailing,

We may throw
[the Land-tax]
[Defence bills]
[The Dreadnought]
[Protection out.

Lord, who knoweth politicians,
All their longings and ambitions,
All the secrets of their souls,
O, assist us at the polls.
When we strive in the elections
Hide our many imperfections;
But let searching light expose
All the errors of our foes.

Lord, we work by Thy direction,
And we know Thou will assist
The Holy Cause, at next election,

Of the

[Anti-Protectioni st],
[Labor-socialist] ,
[Land Monopolist.]

As it was in the beginning
It is now
And ever shall be (until we have Elective Ministries)
Dissension, bickering, and waste of time without end.