The Drought King's Trumpeter Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Said old Pete the PensionerA
'I met him down the roadB
Where twixt the shadders of the gumsC
The silver moonlight flowedB
His skin was white like shrivelled grassD
His eyes was eyes o' flameE
He was the Drought King's trumpeterA
An' tooted as he cameE
He tooted on a holler bone of some thing dead o' thirstF
Like dry winds a moanin' low Then into song he burstF
'Ho The Drought King's a comin as he came to men aforeA
Out of his home within the sun They're flingin' wide the doorA
Then shall Folly flee before him an' Destruction spread behindG
He comes to purify the earth an' chasten humankind '-
I saw the Drought King's trumpeter as plain as I see youH
An' not a dropp inside o' me save maybe one or two '-
Said old Pete 'I saw him thereA
Underneath the moonI
He tooted on his holler boneJ
An' danced a rigadoonJ
I took one look into his faceK
Then fled into the nightL
I fell in thro' my old hut doorA
An' banged an' barred it tightL
But thro' the night I heard him there the way he keened an' criedM
The callin' of the curlew was sweet melody besideM
'Ho The Drought King's a comin' from his home within the sunJ
To lay his curse upon the earth for sins that men have doneJ
Grace ye had an' gifts ye had but gambled 'em awayN
An' schemed to make a mockery of many a fruitful day '-
I tell yeh man 'twas not the wind I heard him at my doorA
An' ne'er a dropp inside o' me save maybe three or four '-

Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis


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