Quantum Sufficit Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


'I only said this German planA
Had points ' remarked the small meek manA
'I merely said an extra wifeB
Might add variety to lifeB
Strange how a woman will resentC
A hypothetic argumentD
I didn't mean my referenceE
As personal in any senseF
But she aw why talk anyhowG
Look at me nowG
'This eye These bumps here on my headH
This battered face I only saidH
The Germans seemed to be a raceI
Who had sane views of woman's placeI
Who knew her value As I spokeJ
I smiled to show it was a jokeJ
A merry quip Have they no senseF
Of humor Are they all as denseF
As she Will none of them allowG
Look at me nowG
'I only said that in the endK
This German movement might extendK
To other lands I mean to sayL
I never meant it in the wayL
She took the words It isn't fairM
Jam on my clothes Egg in my hairM
Who'd think that she could aim so straightN
Those Teuton fools are tempting fateN
To dream of more than one strong frauG
Look at me nowG
'At breakfast time it all beganA
Like that ' explained the small meek manA
'Look at me now These Nazis mightO
Perceive a portent in my plightO
My humor scorned egg in my hairM
If they could see her standing thereM
A vengeful fury angry eyedP
Ere they would wish her multipliedP
They'd think again however toughQ
One is enough '-

Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis


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