We were just youngsters on our first meet
you’re too curious about me
and I’m too shy to speak.

I saw you as a little monster
too spoiled by your mom,
for you my feelings don’t even matter.

But it’s not like that always
you were good to me somehow
and i cherished that til now.

Time flies so fast
somehow you fled too
you left me, all of you.

Who knew i’ll miss you
even if you’re a spoiled brat,
there’s greater memories than that

We laughed, we played, we fight,
there’s always someone who’ll cry
we even learned how to lie.

Can’t count the times I hated you
but my love for you is eternal
even sometimes you’re supernatural.

Now you’re all grown up
you’re evilness has come to a stop
Thanks for the memories we shared.

Childhood would not be complete without you
sometimes white, sometimes gray, and even blue
now there’s more to life ahead of you.

Always listen and always remember
that if we parted again ever
you’re my only favorite niece,
and i’m your most loving uncle.