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joanndoan: "As trailer monitoring technology has matured, the cost of tracking hardware has declined and fleets have learned over time how to use the data more effectively." - Christopher Plaat of BlackBerry Radar More asset tracking benefits:

BlackBerry: "As trailer monitoring technology has matured, the cost of tracking hardware has declined and fleets have learned over time how to use the data more effectively." - Christopher Plaat of BlackBerry Radar More asset tracking benefits:

cbsongs202: Christopher Wray- your so smart your dumb... all this country history was founded on divide and conquer- duh.... if somebody is willing to help that happen- u dont step in and say hey stop stealing money that dont belong to my - read it .. it even sounds dumb

KamokaJosh: Come on you guys let's get Christopher to 1K. Crazy-smart, funny dude you should be following.

PierreKory: aand another, even more detailed report on Uttar Pradesh’s MIRACULOUS success at ending COVID (ok, maybe didnt involve a miracle but rather just smart public health strategy and doctoring.. how long will U.S corporate media continue to ignore the story?

enutt: Smart to lay low this time around, just you watch they’ll organize, get sponsors for bus ins and surprise Christopher Wray the genius FBI director once again…bwahaha

AnthonyDBaker: Christopher Smart’s cat Geoffrey would agree

hecksharknado: working myself into unjustified frustration because if christopher smart's jubilate agno was common knowledge the premise of this shower thought would be void. the comedic potential of jubilate agno goes unfulfilled daily

hecksharknado: nobody got mad about men shaving facial hair factoid incorrect. christopher smart, who wrote the worst best funniest awful poem ever was actually pissed about that specifically

BilekSimon: "As trailer monitoring technology has matured, the cost of tracking hardware has declined and fleets have learned over time how to use the data more effectively." - Christopher Plaat of BlackBerry Radar More asset tracking benefits:

_Seetharaman: “Starbucks is the smart coffee for dumb people. It’s the Christopher Nolan of coffee. Dunkin’ Donuts is lowbrow, authentic. It is the simple, real pleasure of a Judd Apatow movie. Not showing off. Actual. Human.” - Charlie Kaufman, ‘Antkind’.

BlackBerry: "As trailer monitoring technology has matured, the cost of tracking hardware has declined and fleets have learned over time how to use the data more effectively." - Christopher Plaat of BlackBerry Radar More asset tracking benefits:

VlynnQ: My homeschooled 4th grader is learning about Christopher Columbus. We discussed why Columbus Day is not celebrated anymore. He said “Was that the start of woke cancel culture?” I think it may have been- he’s a smart kid.

Mgphenom2k4: I don't care if u r a straight A student. If u can't explain Christopher Nolan movie endings. U r not smart enough.

gilleran_man72: Christopher Cross was smart to use his whole name since Chris Chross sound stupid. But not as bad as Christ Cross. So now I'm gonna start using the full expletive "Jesus Christopher Cross!"

golikehellmachi: james lindsay and christopher rufo and the other CRT crusaders are running the same grift on the same people now; relatively smart, white, aimless young men who think they're better than where they are, but who haven't done any of the work to earn it.

SciSeekFeed: Christopher Reardon: Why 'Smart' Feeding Tubes Can Benefit Patients and the Environment

midnight_pals: Anne Rice: everyone I want you to meet my son Rice: Christopher Rice Rice: he’s as smart as lestat Christopher Rice: mommmmm Rice: and as handsome as lestat Christopher Rice: mommm stop it Rice: he’s a gay man Christopher Rice: momm stop

EmilyVanDuyne: Susan Fromberg Schaeffer to Ted Hughes, Feb. 1, 1978: “When Christopher Smart fell to his knees on street corners he was probably not praying but pretending to be a hydrangea bush.”


dmit131: Poem of the Day 12 September 2021 - from Jubilate Agno BY CHRISTOPHER SMART For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry. For he is the servant of the Living God duly and daily serving him. For at the first glance of the glory of God in the East he...

LetsOTT: 6+ studios are in talks with Christopher Nolan for his next film on World War 2.

ChrisPalmquist6: You were so smart, 2016 Christopher.

PublicProfessor: "I will venture a prediction. The Taliban/al-Qaida riffraff, as we know them, will never come back to power." --Christopher Hitchens, November 2004 Just a quick reminder that very smart people can be alarmingly stupid. Sometimes the smartest thing you can do is recognize that.

sfpoetry: 2021 Rhysling Award second place: Short “Why did white people conquer the world for spices and then never use them?” • R. Thursday Long “A Song from Bedlam (with apologies to Christopher Smart)” • Nike Sulway 2/3

SmithsonianMag: A pedestal in the center of Mexico City that once hosted a statue of Christopher Columbus has stood empty since last October.

GianzGmez: 911twt really makes me feel smart because how can you not remember that Christopher has a hamster when the scene where they talk about it is just BEFORE they start talking about Eddie's silver star

helenrye: We have some upcoming publications from this group. Please share and support them. They are missing family, friends and homeland and cannot be settled in the country where they have landed. They are funny, smart, educated and passionate about their writing.

SeanDurns: Smart and funny 2014 lecture by Christopher Clark

Support_SMART: A bottomless pit? The NHS delusion: We pour in so much more than so many nations... yet still lag so far behind. It's why the cure is radical surgery, not cash - but, asks CHRISTOPHER SNOWDON, who will be brave enough?

DEMAT__: Welcome back to St Christopher's - we hope you enjoy your final year! You all look very smart!

vicklbennett: it at least allowed me to correct a post on my website which bore the same error. I'm pretty sure that though Christopher Smart could not by any stretch be actually confused with Jonathan Swift and his really crazy excremental vision and etc., that the similarity

RealChrisLangan: Christopher Michael Langan - "Make Me... Smart" - 2009

Wonggifs: Triangle is a great movie! Really smart stuff. Christopher Smith really ought to be more well known. A director, working primarily in horror who has released half a dozen really well received movies is a rarity. His stuff is always a cut above.

hecksharknado: Christopher Smart in Jubilate Agno about his cat Jeoffry same vibe (nothing sweeter than his peace when at rest, nothing brisker than his life when in motion)

IReadJotwell: Christopher Slobogin, The Costs of Privacy

Rjshapiro: A glorious spiritual poem celebrating Rosh Hashonah that plays off Christopher Smart's Agno Jubilate

Rjshapiro: Glorious Roshashona poem based on Christopher Smart's Agno Jubilante

mrswolfBAJD: "While we may not have run in the same friend circle, I will always remember Chris as someone who was incredibly smart, charismatic, and well-liked. "

mrswolfBAJD: "was loyal, a true friend, a comedian, could banter about almost anything, incredibly talented and smart, a role model to us all and had this ability to continuously pick himself up in the face of adversity. "

ilya_poet: For I will consider my Cat Jeoffry. For he is the servant of the Living God duly and daily serving him -- Christopher Smart

Oswald524: FBI Director Christopher Wray is one of those swamp that Trump put in power try to buy acceptance from the swamp. He should have been very smart in his appointments

viswanath_naga: One thing I've realised, Once you are too smart, you are not allowed to watch stupid movies... That leaves you with only 10 Christopher Nolan movies

hoootenanny: 1917 is a great film I’ll be rewatching. I have always been a fan of Christopher Nolan although he’s a bit smart for me

SpotoMedia: “Storm-wake” by Lucy Christopher. Available for check out. Go to

VioletGweny: i hate that Christopher Nolan is what people think of as "smart filmmaking" because all his movies are generally stupid

ForeignPolicy: A few key principles of portfolio management look especially relevant as Biden plots his strategy from here, Christopher Smart writes.

_HoochiePapi: I think me fancying men from NYC is rooted in the fact that they are stereotyped to have smart ass mouths and I want someone to go toe to toe with me…and that’s toxic Christopher. Am I ok?!

ChrisMo78558304: This whole time my brothers have used the fact that I'm smart to say he must have somebody else helping him, cuz Christopher isnt that smart, well ive successfully lived w/out mom N dad something they couldn't do, steve had to get a new mommy to support him, his mother in law...

Insanely_Smart: 1. Have they not seen the thousands of viral Karen videos over the past year? It never ends well for the Karen. 2. I would love to make a mockumentary about this kind of fandom behaviour, Christopher Guest style. Maybe with Anya Taylor-Joy as the Lokius fic writer/instigator.

kaybest__: To me, Tenet is a complete failed attempt at a masterpiece. You shouldn’t have to go through mental gymnastics to enjoy a movie. This movie was almost directionless. Christopher Nolan wanted to look too smart leaving 90% of the audience not understanding a single thing.

Insanely_Smart: Top 5? In no particular order... Christopher Reeve - Superman Michael Keaton - Batman Robert Downey Jr - Iron Man Tom Hiddleston - Loki Heath Ledger - Joker

SikotiHamiltonR: On National Poetry Day, let's remember the enormous number of bad poems written every year about good cats. & let's remember the only great cat poem, the homage to Jeoffrey that irrupts in Christopher Smart's madhouse epic Jubilate Agno. 'For He is the Tribe of the Tyger...'

wab329supt: Time is running out to get your Wabaunsee team apparel sponsored by the booster club. The link to the online store is below. Deadline is Sunday August 29th.

hmvanderhart: For every house is incomplete without him and a blessing is lacking in the spirit. For he is a mixture of gravity and waggery. Christopher Smart, Jubilate Agno

goldencodel: “drew” knew what he was doing when he made his online name the same name as a basketball player he’s too smart you scare me christopher

GiIvaSunner: "Baby you smart. You loyal. DJ Khaled. We The Best Music."

the_sad_fractal: “For tho he cannot fly, he is an excellent clamberer” -Christopher Smart, considering his cat Jeoffry in Jubilate Agno

CityWeekly: This week's opinion piece by Christopher Smart.

ronmc1: Christopher Smart on the Markets (Radio)

financelygroup: Christopher Smart on the Markets (Radio)

akbarth3great: Christopher Smart on the Markets (Radio)

Christopher_All: I've been thinking about this. A man who's not necessarily the smartest guy around could be the sweetest. Maybe sweet beats smart?

pfe1307: Thank you for this thread and for everyone who contributed. Much pleasure esp from Donne and Coleridge and Hopkins and Christopher Smart. Has any one mentioned Gude Sir Patrick Spens Wi the Scots lords at his feet.

DidM_Nieuws: Christopher Smart · Phaedrus and the Fox

credinal: Are we still headed lower on growth and rates, as we have been for the last 40 years, or is there something new about fiscal and monetary policy that can generate 2 per cent inflation again? Whoever gets that right will be retiring early. -Christopher Smart, strategist at Barings

NorthWallCDP: The 2021 graduation class from Little Treasures community crèche. Don't they look very smart and confident in their black gowns and hats! As is our custom we gave each child a St. Christopher's medal to guide them on their journey through 'big school'. Best of luck to them all!

Itamar_17_10: And by a block I mean, THE block. Shoutout to Justin Anderson as well who had 19 points, 5 boards and 4 blocks on 50 FG% ,wouldn't have happened without him. This game was the antithesis of previous games. Great ball movement and shot quality, very smart play by Christopher

s_l_christopher: Someone tell me, if your a big brain and your decently involved in an NFT project and your ethics are smart and value driven and just generally the information you give should be listened to, do the positives outweigh the negatives when it comes to being foul-mouthy?

DawsonforReal: ...and if they're smart they will extend the olive branch back to Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan who were the two filmmakers that helped them see their highest profits.

NoctLC78: Christopher Bell do something smart challenge (impossible)

dezeen: We've rounded up ten kitchen designs with a small footprint:

noNHL_bad_knees: See, the elites don't want you to read Christopher Moore novels because then we would be too smart

im_po_ss_ib_le: + info on Christopher Smart's "Jubilate Agno"

burstsynapse: “starbucks is the smart coffee for dumb people. it is the christopher nolan of coffee”

RenzoTheDon: Josh Christopher thinks Jalen Green made smart decision with his hamstring soreness..

TideGP: Christopher Powers wrote: “tough look for Kirby Smart. Johnson, UGA alum, delivering a 5-star speech to Alabama, a team that’s owned the Dawgs for over a decade. If Kirby doesn't bring in Joe Namath, this will go down as another moment where Saban has dummied him into submission”

johnsaltas: This week's SmartBomb by Christopher Smart

jalaughn: Houston lowkey smart they must’ve been watching jalen green and josh Christopher playing on the circuit together

jenni34223: Way to go Christopher! It’s too bad that there weren’t more adults that are as smart as you are.

Itamar_17_10: You guys know I love the small things, and this is really smart by Alperen Sengun right here. He notices Killian is out of position, and immediately screens him which sets up a 2-on-1 for Christopher. Love it

olivecanyonlou: a lot of people seem to need to hear this. harry styles auditioned and smashed his role in dunkirk. christopher nolan is a very smart man. harry also auditioned and was chosen for both of his upcoming movies. if he was truly such a bad actor that would not be the case. calm down.

iGotWings_FGE: Rockets smart for grabbing Jalen Green and Josh Christopher. They went crazy in AAU

edsbuckley: eddie’s “no?” and christopher being very smart as usual yeah

Ms_Wombat: For even in the cat box he maintains his dignity and squats very straight. For he does not know who the President is. For he comforts my mind, which ceaselessly rolls in doubt and fear. For in the asylum Christopher Smart loved his cat Jeoffrey. For in a rational century

ReadingRegency: And, with all that, he's not the killer, I think the Gorgon is. She's smart, runs the show, a distant relation to Sir Christopher (resentful of inheritance), didn't want Collins to share the history of the family - by saying it's boring/not important. We will see if I am right!

22views_: Smart Women Are Like Christopher Columbus

MichelleWhitzel: No, that is called smart Christopher. People sue people all the time without any merit.

TheJakeWarren: This is great, Christopher Hitchens and Michael Moore in conversation from 2002. Michael Moore makes some interesting films and some salient points but fundamentally he is not a smart man.

moraa_milkah: You are asking about Betty Kyallo's role in My Jaber music. She made you click on the video= more views. All she had to do was post a teaser two days ago to get you excited. Marketing is about working smart... Ezekiel Mutua Eric Omondi Christopher Wambua

BryceWeiner: My favorite was a guy named Steven Joseph Christopher. He expressed his "new doctrine of man" via amazingly detailed and beautiful ... comic books that he drew himself. It explained his entire world view in very nuanced but accessible means. Like... really smart.

flix_photos: I’d befriend Christopher. Smart kid

dril_gpt2: t here are 5 kinds of people in this world: fat stupid people, slim stupid people, smart stupid people, smart people and losers

ChristopherOJ: Smart Tags Help You Find the Missing Pieces

markleidner: let me clarify. I never said christopher nolan fans were stupid. i said his movies are stupid. his fans are smart. too smart. they're unsustainably intelligent and they need the extreme stupidity of his films the way a plane needs to open its flaps— to create drag— so it can land

Bobbie08502969: WOW! All: that's Christopher Justice. Remember Christopher Justice. He's smart, articulate, and has done his research. The succession papers (by the Confederacy from the Union) state slavery as a reason for succeeding.

ChandNilesh: Wow. Just amazing. These kids are so smart now days. I just learned so much from Christopher. Thank you.

AJSees_: 4. Freaky (2020) Director: Christopher Landon 7.5/10 Exactly as advertised. Fun, high-concept slasher from Landon with smart writing and solid performances from Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn in the lead roles.

mad_cabayero: Why smart people always defer to those who know what they are talking about. And why Christopher Lee was a giant of a man:

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