Who is George Sterling

George Sterling (December 1, 1869 – November 17, 1926) was an American writer based in the San Francisco, California Bay Area and Carmel-by-the-Sea. He was considered a prominent poet and playwright and proponent of Bohemianism during the first quarter of the twentieth century. His work was admired by writers as diverse as Ambrose Bierce, Robinson Jeffers, Jack London, Upton Sinclair, Theodore Dreiser, and Sinclair Lewis.

Life and career

Sterling was born in Sag Harbor, New York, the eldest of nine children. His father was Dr. George A. Sterling, a physician who determined to make a priest of one of his sons, and George was selected to attend, for three years, St. Charles College in Maryland. He was instructed in English by poet John B. Tabb. His mother Mary wa...
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George Sterling Poems

  • The Last Days
    The russet leaves of the sycamore
    Lie at last on the valley floor-
    By the autumn wind swept to and fro
    Like ghosts in a tale of long ago....
  • The First Food
    Mother, in some sad evening long ago,
    From thy young breast my groping lips were taken,
    Their hunger stilled, so soon again to waken,
    But nevermore that holy food to know....
  • The Dust Dethroned
    Sargon is dust, Semiramis a clod!
    In crypts profaned the moon at midnight peers
    The owl upon the Sphinx hoots in her ears,
    And scant and sear the desert grasses nod...
  • The Black Vulture
    Aloof within the day's enormous dome,
    He holds unshared the silence of the sky.
    Far down his bleak, relentless eyes descry
    The eagle's empire and the falcon's home-...
  • The Ashes In The Sea
    Whither, with blue and pleading eyes,-
    Whither, with cheeks that held the light
    Of winter's dawn in cloudless skies,
    Evadne, was thy flight?...
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Nj19945njoki: or sit they girt by laws unknownwhereto the senses serve as bars –with fire of unrecorded starsthat light a heaven not our own?(“the testimony of the suns”),george sterling, the thirst of satan: poems of fantasy and terror,alien, stars, universe,
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Kobbykyei_: grateful to have spent my birthday with ghana's inspector general of police, dr. george akuffo dampare who shared invaluable advice and wisdom that will stay with me for a lifetime. 1/2
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