Our country is bleeding
Having a concave head like hive
Killing of human lives has become fun in Nigeria
Where tears has turned into happiness
In the sight of the leaders.
We are readers

Trying to get the caption of the visuals
Placing the thermocool in a deep fire
For a tiring plug
We are log of woods
Setting our eyes on a wool of blood
Crying for justice and revenge

Where N1,000,000 has become ASUU THREAT in education
For we have the motivation
To lead the magnitude of people.
Our country is bleeding
We need amendment of our country.

Election why?
Why have you taking charge of evil
Turning our leaders face to bloody money
Neglecting the effectiveness of the youths.
Election Why?

Killing our youths has become east
Like Chicken
Like knife
Like cow
Like slaughter
Is PVC the ultimate?