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  • My Thought
    Oh!! My thought
    who taught you to carry my thought along
    Putting my conscience in thought like President Putin
  • Wisdom Seeker
    If a man seeks wisdom inside the elephant, he
    finds it in its trunk
    If a man seeks wisdom on the path, he finds it
    inside the forest ...
  • Our Eyes On Labs For Vaccines
    Helping the medicine
    Will bring out the penicillin
    Cubing the virus with its consequential order
    I refuse to join, in the carry of this dreadful ...
  • Are We Still Good People Great Nation?
    The hen is looking for a way back to its egg
    Where the heavy foot has trumbled on the head!
    We’re called the GIANT OF AFRICA,
    but where lies the padlock to the pneum? ...
  • Cold
    Gentle breeze turned harsh
    Gnashing the teeth of the poor
    For i have failed to pour the hot liquid
    Inside the cargo bag ...
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  • Humans are always devil's messengers...
  • Not all friends are your friends; some are vultures in human form...
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