Out of the burning rage of red
The ocean of blue drifted in
And the shouting of hate,
It went along with the wind

I used to hide in my shell
But calmness subsided my fears
I used to hold on to hurt and loneliness
But love told me to rest my head

A haunted girl bonding with grief
My bitterness was overcame with peace
And ease resides with me
The blue in music mixed

Purple, he called me to royalty
I thought nothing would become of me
But here I stand in awe
In the brightness of being loved

Stairwells, ballrooms, all the resplendence
I stand regal and upright
I am no longer ashamed
Because I have become light

Out of chars, he made beauty
In a dancing haze
I was drawn to a reality
That is dependable and faithful

He has become my everything
My peace, grandeur and dignity
He made my color new
Illuminating, I am purple