Fragments (underestimation) Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I was broken but not shatteredA
I was pieces but not scartteredA
I've been fragmented and not tatteredA
I was strong that's what matteredA
Like broken glasses I am sharperB
Than the initial which was fancierB
With my edges I'll be strongerB
Cause I'll be cutting in way deeperB
My disadvantage may be my weaponC
So be careful who you step onD
I may be broken from depressionC
But I can't stand for an oppressionC
When you see me please think twiceE
If you have bad intentions my adviceE
Is that you stayed clear I'm not niceE
Because in my brokenness will I sliceE
Broken glasses more painF
Broken souls knows the gameG
Chiemelie Solomon ikwuemesibeH

Chiemelie Solomon Ikwuemesibe
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 01/21/2019


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Jyothi k : Wonderful!!! ..
Siya Selani: I loved and connected with every word. Thank you so much for writing this wonderful poem.
Siya Selani: I connected with every word. Thank you so much. It feels like you understood every ache that comes with depression. My gratitudes
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