Fragments (underestimation)

I was broken but not shattered,
I was pieces but not scarttered,
I've been fragmented and not tattered,
I was strong, that's what mattered.

Like broken glasses I am sharper,
Than the initial which was fancier,
With my edges I'll be stronger
Cause I'll be cutting in way deeper.

My disadvantage may be my weapon,
So be careful who you step on,
I may be broken from depression,
But I can't stand for an oppression.

When you see me please think twice,
If you have bad intentions, my advice,
Is that you stayed clear, I'm not nice,
Because in my brokenness will I slice.

( Broken glasses=more pain
Broken souls knows the game)

Chiemelie Solomon ikwuemesibe

Chiemelie Solomon Ikwuemesibe
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