There is a point where everything emanates, a fountain were all rivers source.
An ocean where all seas retire, an earth were all graves are dug.
It is the origin. Where the dead souls are rejuvenated.
This circle will lead you to where you begin, that’s where I am, and that’s where you belong.
The young chick comes from the egg, the egg from the hen.
All sons are little man. Each man has trillions sons

The conjurer is a wise-fool, life couldn’t be that easier.
Roll out your shiny balls and tell me what you see?
Read my open palms and tell me what you found?
“Your past was troubled, your future is flawless”.
Liar! My future like my past is a mixt of both.
God knows I cannot live with success alone.

Do you want to know the man that I was and the man that I have become?
I’m an endangered species, the only one of my kind
After me, there will be no me.
Do you want to treat me right?
You better do it now, when you miss the man that I am as you once miss the man that I was,
You will be ashamed to meet the man that I am to become.