Passion Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


SOME have won a wild delightA
By daring wilder sorrowB
Could I gain thy love to nightA
I'd hazard death to morrowB
Could the battle struggle earnC
One kind glance from thine eyeD
How this withering heart would burnC
The heady fight to tryD
Welcome nights of broken sleepE
And days of carnage coldF
Could I deem that thou wouldst weepE
To hear my perils toldF
Tell me if with wandering bandsG
I roam full far awayH
Wilt thou to those distant landsG
In spirit ever strayH
Wild long a trumpet sounds afarI
Bid me bid me goB
Where Seik and Briton meet in warJ
On Indian Sutlej's flowB
Blood has dyed the Sutlej's wavesK
With scarlet stain I knowB
Indus' borders yawn with gravesK
Yet command me goB
Though rank and high the holocaustL
Of nations steams to heavenM
Glad I'd join the death doomed hostN
Were but the mandate givenM
Passion's strength should nerve my armO
Its ardour stir my lifeP
Till human force to that dread charmO
Should yield and sink in wild alarmO
Like trees to tempest strifeP
If hot from war I seek thy loveQ
Darest thou turn asideR
Darest thou then my fire reproveQ
By scorn and maddening prideR
No my will shall yet controlS
Thy will so high and freeT
And love shall tame that haughty soulS
Yes tenderest love for meT
I'll read my triumph in thine eyesU
Behold and prove the changeV
Then leave perchance my noble prizeU
Once more in arms to rangeV
I'd die when all the foam is upW
The bright wine sparkling highQ
Nor wait till in the exhausted cupW
Life's dull dregs only lieQ
Then Love thus crowned with sweet rewardX
Hope blest with fulness largeY
I'd mount the saddle draw the swordX
And perish in the chargeY

Charlotte Bronta<<


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