The Boy And The Snake Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Henry was every morning fedA
With a full mess of milk and breadA
One day the boy his breakfast tookB
And eat it by a purling brookB
Which through his mother's orchard ranC
From that time ever when he canC
Escape his mother's eye he thereD
Takes his food in th'open airD
Finding the child delight to eatE
Abroad and make the grass his seatE
His mother lets him have his wayF
With free leave Henry every dayF
Thither repairs until she heardG
Him talking of a fine grey birdG
This pretty bird he said indeedH
Came every day with him to feedH
And it loved him and loved his milkI
And it was smooth and soft like silkI
His mother thought she'd go and seeJ
What sort of bird this same might beJ
So the next morn she follows HarryJ
And carefully she sees him carryJ
Through the long grass his heaped up messK
What was her terror and distressK
When she saw the infant takeL
His bread and milk close to a snakeL
Upon the grass he spreads his feastM
And sits down by his frightful guestN
Who had waited for the treatE
And now they both begin to eatE
Fond mother shriek not O bewareD
The least small noise O have a careD
The least small noise that may be madeO
The wily snake will be afraidO
If he hear the lightest soundP
He will inflict th'envenomed woundP
She speaks not moves not scarce does breatheQ
As she stands the trees beneathR
No sound she utters and she soonS
Sees the child lift up its spoonS
And tap the snake upon the headA
Fearless of harm and then he saidA
As speaking to familiar mateT
'Keep on your own side do Grey Pate 'U
The snake then to the other sideV
As one rebuk d seems to glideV
And now again advancing nighW
Again she hears the infant cryW
Tapping the snake 'Keep further doX
Mind Grey Pate what I say to you 'U
The danger's o'er she sees the boyY
O what a change from fear to joyY
Rise and bid the snake 'good bye 'U
Says he 'Our breakfast's done and IW
Will come again to morrow day 'U
Then lightly tripping ran awayF

Charles Lamb


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