Charles Hamilton Musgrove Long Poems

  • 1.

    With the light just quenched in their eyes
    They lie in their graves 'neath the skies,
  • 2.
    North and south with the fickle tides,
    With the wind from east to west,
    The death-ship follows her track of doom,
    But finds no port or rest.
  • 3.
    You were a red rose then, I know,
    Red as her wine--yea, redder still,--
    Say rather her blood; and ages ago
    (You know how destiny hath its will)
  • 4.
    What will I say when face to face with God
    My naked soul shall come, seared with the stain
    That men call sin? Why, God will understand;
    He knew my pitiful story long before
  • 5.

    Where falls the shadow of the Kofel cross
    Athwart the Alpine snows, the rose of faith
  • 6.

    Eagle-heart, child-heart, bonnie lad o' dreams,
    Far away thy soul hears passion-throated Art
  • 7.
    O wanderer! whoever thou mayest be,
    I beg of thee to pass in silence here
    And leave me with my empty sepulchre
    Beside the ceaseless turmoil of the sea;
  • 8.
    The city frets in the distance, lass,
    The city so grim and gray,
    A glare in the sky by night, my lass,
    And a blot on the sky by day;
  • 9.
    St. George, I learned to love thee in my youth
    When of thy deeds I read in deathless song;
    And now, when I behold the dragon Wrong
    Hard by the castle-gates of Love and Truth,
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