Charles Hamilton Musgrove Deep Poems

  • 1.
    This is the story of Moses,
    The earliest scribe that we keep:
    Void was the earth and formless,
    And dark was the face of the deep,
  • 2.
    The dial has pointed the hour and the hour has rounded the day,
    The day has finished the year that dies with a century's birth;
    Eastward the morning stars sing as they go their way:
    "Lo! the Great Mother travaileth, a king is born to the earth!
  • 3.
    You were a red rose then, I know,
    Red as her wine--yea, redder still,--
    Say rather her blood; and ages ago
    (You know how destiny hath its will)
  • 4.
    God let me fall from His hand
    One day at His forge when the elemental world
    Was shaping. I am but a breath from His great bellows,
    But here among the workshops of mankind
  • 5.

    Silent as ever, stoic as of old,
    The scattered nomads of that dusky race
  • 6.
    From age to age the haggard human train
    Creeps wearily across Time's burning sands
    To look into her face, and lift weak hands
    In supplication to the calm disdain
  • 7.
    (Written on the exhumation and reburial in Spain of the bones of Christopher Columbus.)

    Once more upon the ocean's heaving breast
  • 8.
    O wanderer! whoever thou mayest be,
    I beg of thee to pass in silence here
    And leave me with my empty sepulchre
    Beside the ceaseless turmoil of the sea;
  • 9.
    Through shimmering skies the big clouds slowly sail;
    A faint breeze lingers in the rustling beech;
    Atop the withered oak with vagrant speech
    The brawling crows call down the sleepy vale;
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