Charles Hamilton Musgrove Cold Poems

  • 1.

    With the light just quenched in their eyes
    They lie in their graves 'neath the skies,
  • 2.
    Here is a tale the North Wind sang to me:
    Hell hath set Mammon o'er a frozen land,
    Crowned him with gold, put gold into his hand,
    And men forsake their God to bow the knee
  • 3.

    Eagle-heart, child-heart, bonnie lad o' dreams,
    Far away thy soul hears passion-throated Art
  • 4.
    The poet painted a woman's soul,
    Human, trusting and kind,
    And then he drew the soul of a man,
    Brutal and base and blind;
  • 5.
    The Sky Line.

    Like black fangs in a cruel ogre's jaw
    The grim piles lift against the sunset sky;
  • 6.
    An Earthworm once loved a Star. In the hush of the summer night,
    He lay quite close to the ground and gazed on its golden light;
    He looked from his house of clay, and dreamed of wonderful things,
    Till, lo! (as he thought) his longing brought forth miraculous wings.
  • 7.
    You are blue, you are blue like the sky,
    Cruel and cold and blue,
    And I turn from you, voiceless sea,
    To a sky that is voiceless, too.
  • 8.
    They were three old men with hoary hair
    And beards of wintry gray,
    And they digged a grave in the yellow soil,
    And they crooned this song as they plied their toil,
  • 9.
    She comes not with the conscious grace
    Of gentle, winsome womanhood,
    Nor yet, withal, the flaunting face
    Of men and women understood,
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