Charles Hamilton Musgrove Gold Poems

  • 1.

    With the light just quenched in their eyes
    They lie in their graves 'neath the skies,
  • 2.
    Here is the freedom men die for,--die for but never know;
    Here is the peace they pray for shrined in eternal snow;
    Down on the plain the city moans with a human cry,
    But here there is naught but silence,--peace, and the wide, wide sky.
  • 3.
    Here is a tale the North Wind sang to me:
    Hell hath set Mammon o'er a frozen land,
    Crowned him with gold, put gold into his hand,
    And men forsake their God to bow the knee
  • 4.
    It wouldn't be fair to Belshazzar
    When speaking of madness and mirth,
    To draw from his revel a moral
    For conscienceless sin in the earth,
  • 5.
    I came your way in the years gone by,
    In the summers that now are old,
    And then there was light in your beaming eye,
    And love was living and hopes were high
  • 6.
    Lucifer craved one boon of God
    After his fall, as his own to hold;
    So He gave him a mite in heaven's sight,
    But lo! the gift that He gave was--Gold.
  • 7.
    "Give us this day our daily bread!" O prayer
    By Jesus taught, thou hast become a cry
    For starveling mouths in Famine's ghastly lair--
    A beggar's plaint when Dives passes by.
  • 8.
    She comes not with the conscious grace
    Of gentle, winsome womanhood,
    Nor yet, withal, the flaunting face
    Of men and women understood,
  • 9.
    (Battleships of the Coronation Naval Review, Spithead, England, June 24, 1911.)

    Hail, sceptered Mars, great god of wars!
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