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t2telegraph: Before the Dior Fall 2023 show at the Gateway of India tomorrow, t20NLINE visits Chanakya in Mumbai where all the exquisite embroideries that embellish Dior collections come to life! We feast our eyes on an archive of Dior hand-embroidered creations and also get to see how the…

vidyavision1: Chanakya University Admissions are Open Now for 2023 Apply now. Hurry Up! Click here:

CBhoomia: Bandi doesn't need to appear to SIT. He appears with Chanakya, that itself is enough!

Bleed_GreenPK: Few notable alumni of the university include: 1. Chanakya, the legendary political philosopher and author of Arthashastra. The first book to call for the establishment of an Intelligence agency. 2. Jatopil, the commander in chief of Banaras. 3. Jivaka who cured Buddha. ...

Iyervval: “Justice” Joseph SMILES at calls for Brahmins to be killed “Justice” Nagaratna BLAMES the victims “Justice” Joseph validates VIP calls to murder. India does not deserve these two

FabulasGuy: Forget Kohli, Even our Golden boy owns SRK.

TheBluePen25: Organizer is RSS's official mouth piece .Commune,swarajya ,Chanakya all RSS sponsored.The event is literally RSS event .

iAnkurSingh: Solicitor General Tushar Mehta showed ex. of Hate Speech to Justice Joseph SG showed clip of DMK Leader talking abt butchering Brahmins. Justice Joseph laughed SG asks why didn't you took suo moto cognisance of Sar Tan Se Juda slogans? Check how Joseph was shying away!

NehaSha78950355: An important convention of people is going to be held for respected Amit Shah ji, who is called Chanakya of BJP. AmitShah News18 Rising India

i_Kajal1: The time has come to understand the Chanakya policy of Amit Shah ji. You people can also come closer and understand this policy. AmitShah News18 Rising India

sishtlaln: He will not be loyal to the country as per Chanakya's arth Sastra. It was proved by him in Cambridge and also because of the following.

RonManalo7: As what Chanakya said: "Teacher is the maker of nation". For the development of a nation, there should be a good and efficient educational system in order for us to produce all kind of professional individuals.

Realist_Bharat: 1) The names of airport of different cities (in random) should be as follows: Patna- Acharya Chanakya airport Guwahati- Lachit Borphukan airport Chennai-Rajendra Chola airport Gandhinagar- Nayika Devi airport Jaipur- Maharana Pratap airport

MrSinha_: Justice Joseph laughs on the calls for Brahmins to be butch€red, justifies the hatred towards Hindus & uses impotent words for GOI.. This is our judiciary...

sanjayfadnavis1: Best Land Deal in last 20 years : 5 acres only in 15 Lakhs And that 15 lakhs too was given by DLF to Vadra as 'loan'. After 3 years, the same land was 'sold' back to DLF for some 47 crores, from which the original 15 lakhs loan was 'deducted'. So, 47 crores is free money.

DrlathaC: Slippery slope because Chanakya-Vishwaguru combo did bend law and ordee rules several times in the past to appease MeeBeemSeek

Swapnil_UN: Recommended Non Woke , Pro Hindutva, Bharat oriented Podcasts and YouTube Channels 1.AB Ajeet Bharti. 2.JD Jaipur Dialogues. 3.Chanakya Dialogues. 4.Pgurus Pgurus 2. 5.Vaad. 6.Bageshwar Dham Sarkar. Need to Amplify Amplify Kindly add more in comments

calm_sutra: Your average D stock elite. Will rail against inthi imbojison while ensuring their kids learn it fluently.

ANI: We have a strong foundation of constitutional institutions. That's why to stop India, constitutional institutions are being attacked. Agencies are being attacked when they take action, questions are being raised on Courts. Some parties have started 'Bhrashtachari Bachao Abhiyan':…

NWWA_INDIANNAVY: The "8th Balidan Diwas" in memory of Lt Kiran Shekhawat was organised at Varunika, Chanakya Bagh on 25th March 2023 by Lt Kiran Shekhawat Foundation. Families of 'missing 54' our warriors missing in 1971 Indo-Pak war were also felicitated in the event.

BhrgaShri: Chanakya has said it before, important position can't be given to someone whose mother is not from that country esp if the nationality of mother is from unfriendly state.

KrishanGanju: India Warns Canada - Get Your Act Together | The Chanakya Dialogues With...

hmashwinkumar: India Warns Canada - Get Your Act Together | The Chanakya Dialogues With...

rupamurthy1: My grandfather was a brilliant and well known lawyer. My uncles, aunts and cousins are brilliant and reputed lawyers. My family has given a lot of lawyers to India. By virtue of my familial law background, I should be appointed the Chief Justice of Supreme Court. Whether I…

rupamurthy1: RAHUL GANDHI: My grandmother was a PM, she sacrificed her life for India. My father was a PM, he sacrificed his life for India. VOTERS: How very sad! We are very thankful to you and your family for the sacrifices. Since we love you and don’t want any sacrifice from you, we…

raghuvanshi20: India Warns Canada Over Khalistan | The Chanakya Dialogues With Major G...

buddhimedia: By the way, Delhi Police comes under the “Chanakya” of Raitas. Secularism in India exists only in those places where Hindus are in majority. Hindus deserve this because they worship anti-Hindu constitution rather than their religious figures & scriptures.

SikhHCA: I’ve brought up Chanakya and diaspora kids laugh it off. Don’t realize what a tactical genius he was. I’d say his work was even more influential than the Prince.

Chanakya_74: All cheetahs will die. Let's blame Modi in advance.

Chanakya_74: But Safoora and that moron have been charged with riot. Your thoughts pls? Is that fake news?

SarblohMindset: Sikhs need to learn Machiavellianism and Chanakya Neeti To firstly, become aware of how these techniques are employed against them And secondly, to utilise these techniques to further their own geopolitical ambitions.

chandhukr: American deep state is funding for jihadi radicalization, communism,missionaries, left ecosystem etc across the globe .As per chanakya neethi, problem should be solved at source. The source is US dollar, so de-dollarization is happening as we speak, through BRICS.

Vickapoor7: India Warns Canada Over Khalistan | The Chanakya Dialogues With Major G...

vishwa_samvad: India Warns Canada Over Khalistan | The Chanakya Dialogues With Major Gaurav Arya ...

a_purpose4you: "A man is great by deeds, not by birth." Chanakya

praveen_bopale: Why Are Khalistanis Afraid Of Lawrence Bishnoi? | The Chanakya Dialogues...

jrtsrm: "he who loses his money is forsaken by his friends, his wife, his servants and his relations; yet when he regains his riches those who have forsaken him come back to him." - Chanakya

GemsOfBollywood: See how prominently Amjad Khan, the villain, declares his demand to see murder executed on Navratri and inside a mandir Can you imagine a similar scene demanding murder be done on Eid and inside a mosque? How come religious sensibilities of all of Urduwood fail only when it…

vinod_sharma: Many world leaders have been assassinated. Only descendents of Nehru claim a divine right to rule because of their 'sacrifice'. Why should descendants of Bose, Bhagat, Rajguru, Sukhdev, and others who actually sacrificed their lives for India, not be treated as royals too?

vinay9466: Why Are Khalistanis Afraid Of Lawrence Bishnoi? | The Chanakya Dialogues...

total_woke_: During Emergency : Ro Khanna's grandfather part of govt Manmohan Singh served Indira Pritish Nandy accepted Padmshree Chandrachud's father supported emergency Gauri Lankesh's parents & Mrinal sen recd national film awards Their descendants now : We are living in Emergency

AshrayaBhoi: P 2 failed2 achieve 4-excessive backward people & intensified backwardness not suitable for democracy,2vote bc they without knowledge n decision taking ability chosed wrong Diplomate Teacher chanakya said " for rise or fall of any civilisation ,responsible r people themselves "

SAnand1405: Olaatagaaras supporting Ramya for not speaking in Kannada in a show is because of her political leaning. That's all.

Worldkey_: 3.4 Comparing a snake and a wicked person, Chanakya says that a snake bite is an unfortunate event. However, a wicked person will betray you at every step and unnecessarily hurts you. Therefore, if given a choice between the two, choose the snake without any hesitation.

Worldkey_: 3.8 Through this shloka, Chanakya has highlighted the importance of education. He says that as the fragrant and beautiful flower of the Dhak tree butea frondosa is never offered to gods/ goddesses, nor does it attract attention,

Worldkey_: 3.9 On the importance of attributes, Chanakya says that like the black colour of the koel bird (cuckoo) becomes insignificant on account of its melodious voice; in other words, its melodious voice depicts its character.

Worldkey_: According to Chanakya, if it is possible to protect the family by the relinquishment or sacrifice of one person, then it should be accepted. Similarly, if you can protect your village or society by the relinquishment or sacrifice of one family, then it is entirely appropriate.

Worldkey_: To save your state, a village or society can be sacrificed. But Chanakya also says that nothing is more important than you. So, if you need to sacrifice the whole world for your progress and protection, then do so without any hesitation.

Narenaushyd: Many were making fun with 3D chess and chanakya jibes … Even West and Israel unable to deal domestic protests

Rastogi7Navin: Pakistan Falls to a New Low | Ep 147 | The Chanakya Dialogues | Major Ga...

raghuvanshi20: Why Are Khalistanis Afraid Of Lawrence Bishnoi? | The Chanakya Dialogues...

ANI: The Prime Minister who took India to new heights, if some people have to say these things about him then the public will give them a befitting reply just like they have done before: Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's reported "coward" remark about PM…

ANI: Neither Sikhs in India nor the Indian Diaspora advocate for Khalistan. Indian diaspora strongly condemns the vandalisation of Indian missions. I request the Government of India to ensure foolproof action on anti-India fugitives including Amritpal Singh: Indian World Forum…

NewsArenaIndia: BJP & Shiv Sena will take out Swatantra Veer Savarkar Gaurav Yatra across Maharashtra in reply to Rahul Gandhi’s unparliamentary remarks. Veer Savarkar is pride of India & Hindus. BJP Units in other states should also hold protest on smaller scale. Opposition had given full…

ARanganathan72: This repeated mocking of Veer Savarkar by the petulant Rahul Gandhi is getting to be quite frankly boring and ridiculous, an open invitation for yet another defamation suit; and this time the one slapping it would be the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Eknath Shinde. My views:

Ambedkercarvan: Situation of Ex MP Rahul Gandhi now

HarshBaheti: “A man is great by deeds, not by birth.” - Chanakya

PurgeBot2: Do not be very upright in your dealings, as you would see in forest, the straight trees are cut down while the crooked ones are left standing. -Acharya Chanakya (Kautilya)

MonaAmbegaonkar: Remember this when elections come around and you think that fellow is Chanakya. He is not. He is a lowlife liar & genocide enabler.

Shaligr58492243: Why Are Khalistanis Afraid Of Lawrence Bishnoi? | The Chanakya Dialogues...

SinghAadityaraj: If there is huge ruckus among traitors/corrupts then understand the king is honest! Courtesy: Chanakya

IrodovKrotov: Charismatic leaders are beyond question. - Chanakya

sandeep0887: Dr. Jaishankar Openly Warns UK | The Chanakya Dialogues With Major Gaura...

Vickapoor7: Why Are Khalistanis Afraid Of Lawrence Bishnoi? | The Chanakya Dialogues...

IamDhruv45: Entire Gujarati Community getting embarassed and Threatened by the cowardice of Feku and Nakli Chanakya Both of them can only do bol bachchan These People will never come to Save you so Don't waste your time defending them

Rastogi7Navin: Khalistanis Show Their Cowardice, Attack Lone Indian | The Chanakya Dial...

raghuvanshi20: Khalistanis Show Their Cowardice, Attack Lone Indian | The Chanakya Dial...

PurgeBot2: As soon as the fear approaches near, attack and destroy it. -Acharya Chanakya (Kautilya)

sikka_harinder: 1. Can you please name one Sikh whose forefather wasn’t a Hindu? 2. Anyone who believes in Ik Onkar, follows Guru Nanak ji teachings, understands ‘Kirat karo, Naam japo, wandh chako’ is a Sikh. 3. From Guru Nanak ji to Guru Gobind Singh ji (formerly Gobind Rai), everyone was…

Vickapoor7: Khalistanis Show Their Cowardice, Attack Lone Indian | The Chanakya Dial...

IACTwo: Desi keyboard warriors gushing over "India should be like Israel" on NatSec could not be reached for comment...also that fraud "Major" who thinks he is Chanakya

ARanganathan72: We can become only the fourth country in the world to fire an ASAT missile and hit a target the size of a washing machine 300 kilometres in space moving at 30,000 kilometres per hour, but we can't nab a man scampering about dusty village roads on a scooty seven days running.

amitmalviya: Why did Rahul Gandhi not turn up for the fake Satyagraha? Is it because it is Sunday or it is for the minions to toil and Yuvraj will come in only when it is time to take credit?

RohitDalmia81: Legendary saint Chanakya said "People & King mirror each other; Corrupt king corrupts Entire population". In Hindenburg's report on Adani, majority findings were earlier reported but nobody cared. Since 2014 corruption isn't reported by mainstream media. In future it will worsen.

drharpalselhi: I still don’t understand why are Indians settled abroad so confused! They left India for another country, why now bring down our Tricolour or hold rallies or referendums - leave India to Indians in India!! Our politicians also should stop holding rallies abroad!!

NiallOfficial: THE SHOW. JUNE 9.

Transformer_19: Mastering the Art of Living: 10 Life Lessons from Chanakya's Quotes

matters2022: Public money used to buy MLAs and that artist is called chanakya

DentesLeo: "One Addicted to vices does not accomplish tasks" - Chanakya Neeti

Worldkey_: You must avoid friendship with such persons. In Chanakya's opinion, only the intelligent and wise person will suffer in such a relationship.

ANI: Rahul Gandhi insulted Veer Savarkar. He also insulted also the entire OBC community. He was no right to speak against PM Modi who is working for the country. Rahul Gandhi is working towards 'Bharat todo', not 'Bharat jodo': Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde

ajeetbharti: By accepting Rahul as your leader for over a decade, you showed you don’t have any intelligence left.

ANI: India's Saweety Boora wins gold medal by defeating China's Wang Lina in the 81 kg category final at women's World Boxing Championships

amitmalviya: “…unless you want to answer it for me… you do that also sometimes.” Rahul Gandhi states the obvious… It is hardly a secret that Rajdeep Sardesai misuses India Today’s primetime to peddle Congress agenda… But it is unfair of Rahul to expose a durbari patrakara like this…

narendramodi: Karnataka wants BJP!

PrabhleenKSarao: Dr. Jaishankar Openly Warns UK | The Chanakya Dialogues With Major Gaura...

Cosmic_entity73: Reading Jaishankar "the India way" It's notable he traces origin of Indian strategic thinking to Mahabharata era, unlike many other observers who use Chanakya "arthashastra" as primary point of reference for such.

richisunak: Bodi endorsed Trump on America soil ………wonder if discount Chanakya tried to dissuade him

himantabiswa: My interaction with media on recent developments regarding the court verdict against Rahul Gandhi.

JPNadda: Congratulations to Nitu Ghanghas on winning the gold medal at the Women's World Boxing Championships in the 48 kg category final. Your victory is an inspiration to young athletes across the country. Keep on shining & making us proud. My best wishes to you for the future.

Choprajee: Dr. Jaishankar Openly Warns UK | The Chanakya Dialogues With Major Gaura...

SumitKumar_in: some news coverage on my awards today :

T_Investor_: Pursuit of Happiness is actually the Pursuit of Purpose.

NEHAL1702: Watch "NSA Ajit Doval Decides To Crush Khalistan | The Chanakya Dialogues With Major Gaurav Arya" on YouTube

kvpchandra: Dr. Jaishankar Openly Warns UK | The Chanakya Dialogues With Major Gaura...

Yaminintweet: Servants r tested by fulfilment of their responsibilities, friends r tested in times of crisis, relations r tested in times of sorrow or incurable sickness & a woman is tested when you have no money - Chanakya Your investing capability is tested during deep market drawdowns

ChadmanThe: Only chanakya remains to be canceled on this side of twatter I guess

narendramodi: In Kashi yesterday, interacted with beneficiaries of various Government schemes including those related to healthcare, availability of credit to be self-reliant and avid young sportspersons. Have a look…

narendramodi: Those who ruled for years preferred politics of perception. We prefer politics of performance.

amitmalviya: Davengere all decked up to welcome Prime Minister Modi…

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