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Epictetus (; Greek: Ἐπίκτητος, Epíktētos; c. 50 – c. 135 AD) was a Greek Stoic philosopher. He was born into slavery at Hierapolis, Phrygia (present-day Pamukkale, in western Turkey) and lived in Rome until his banishment, when he went to Nicopolis in northwestern Greece for the rest of his life. His teachings were written down and published by his pupil Arrian in his Discourses and Enchiridion.

Epictetus taught that philosophy is a way of life and not simply a theoretical discipline. To Epictetus, all external events are beyond our control; we should accept whatever happens calmly and dispassionately. However, individuals are responsible for their own actions, which they can examine and control through rigorous self-discipline.


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Becomeanemperor: let silence be your general rule; or say only what is necessary and in few words. - epictetus
Heysimplie: 5/ “if you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid”. do not worry about asking stupid questions; do not worry about making mistakes when you first start. if you fail, fail upwards – it is oftentimes the only way to improve (epictetus)
Stephenvalus: 'liars are the cause of all the sins and crimes in the world.' – epictetus
Stefmariesays: people are not disturbed by things, but by the views they take of them. - epictetus
Rennerzkn: stoic six pack (illustrated): meditations of marcus aurelius, golden sayings, fragments and discourses of epictetus, letters 1mrmato
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