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Chanakya (IAST: Cāṇakya, pronunciation (help·info)) was an ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor. He is traditionally identified as Kauṭilya or Vishnugupta, who authored the ancient Indian political treatise, the Arthashastra, a text dated to roughly between the 3rd century BCE and the 3rd century CE. As such, he is considered the pioneer of the field of political science and economics in India, and his work is thought of as an important precursor to classical economics. His works were lost near the end of the Gupta Empire in...
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  • Hulkdcult: don't dare belittle the great chanakya of bharatvarsha by bestowing his great name to some behr00piyas and charlatans of politics. any astrologer who lets personal biases and opinions to cloud his predictions is doing great disservice to this vedic study.
  • Sushmita_twts: learn from other's mistakes. because you don't have the long life to learn everything by making all mistakes. you really don't have to touch the fire to see how hot it is. -chanakya
  • Chanakyadegree: sri chanakya degree college wishes you all a very happy krishnasthami...
  • Thispacino: the people whose pets and his associates are hell bent on disregarding the greatest : chanakya by comparison him with a political broker are telling sermons about who a brahmin is!
  • Hulkdcult: meanwhile 'modern chanakya' reading the tweet be like :
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June Night In Washington
 by Bliss Carman and Richard Hovey

The scent of honeysuckle,
Drugging the twilight
With its sweet opiate of lovers' dreams!
The last red glow of the setting sun
On the red brick wall
Of the neighboring house,
And the scramble of red roses over it!


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