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Waspapping_: "The Earth is littered with the ruins of empires that believed they were eternal." Camille Paglia (via elirya)

Kateandtheboys: ‘Historically, the movement towards androgyny occurs in late phases of culture as a civilisation is starting to unravel.’ This is interesting. Camille Paglia: The Collapse of Culture - YouTube

thisideathat: Camille Paglia's proposition of the 'bohemianist critic' is, in effect, spiritual appropriation

FighterJarina: [Quote by Camille Paglia]

FilthyArmenian: How cool would it be if Camille Paglia was CamillePagliaQuotes

AishhRashid: The earth is littered with the ruins of empires that believed they were eternal — Camille Paglia

bayeuxtravesty: Thinking about how much ink has been spilled on here about Camille Paglia and by who and for what reasons and feeling my brain drip out of my ear.

oshjohn1969: But see, yeah, the Millennials LUV Ann Coulter like we Gen Xers never could because THE 1947 fire pigs Camille Paglia and Hillary Clinton monopolized the academic populist limelight, pushing the legs for days blonds like SONTAG and COULTER out of the way and dominating the Xers!

mikeasenbrenner: You know who I miss? Camille Paglia.

iridienne: …i am not going to apologize for calling a text -- a TEXT -- "viciously misogynistic", and my doing so was (and is) NOT a referendum on the author's womanhood. Plenty of cis women write texts that are viciously misogynistic! (cf basically everything by Camille Paglia, ever!)

catoletters: Viciously silencing opponents simply guarantees that when the backlash finally comes, it will take massively reactionary form. ~ Camille Paglia Salon 8/4/1998

Readwhenstoned: I'm not a Camille Paglia enthusiast? Really? You don't say?

PierunSvarog: like Camille Paglia (pls learn how to pronounce it if ur gonna grift as being influenced by her & pretending to have read her MANY works), Heather Mac Donald, etc. This is not to say Anna & Dasha r bad ppl or that they deserve the nasty, irrational hate but the simping is 2/...

DDFStrand: I read books in high school that changed my life: Fahrenheit 451, Catcher in the Rye, Brave New World, and Kant’s Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals, and Camille Paglia. Could say they shaped my trajectory for the rest of my life.

CestCheshireCat: it is a shame Sir Roger Scruton and Camille Paglia never had a conversation

DonPJenn: "Education has become a prisoner of contemporaneity." Camille Paglia

DonPJenn: "The new generation, raised on TV and the personal computer but deprived of a solid primary education, has become unmoored from the mother ship of culture. Technology, like Kubrick's rogue computer, Hal, is the companionable servant turned ruthless master." Camille Paglia

DonPJenn: Camille Paglia: "As a veteran of more than four decades of college teaching, almost entirely at art schools, my primary disappointment is with American faculty, the overwhelming majority of whom failed from the start to acknowledge the seriousness of political correctness as an

RFCapsMoustache: I will also add Charlie Pierce blowing Bill Simmons' basketball book to smithereens and Molly Ivins blowing up Camille Paglia

RahneAlexander: six year old me going off about camille paglia

quietprofanity: I had an “I’m an egalitarian feminist, misandry is also a problem and Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Summers make some good points!” streak at one point. College changed that.

kunokephalos: Camille Paglia stans be like

catoletters: Viciously silencing opponents simply guarantees that when the backlash finally comes, it will take massively reactionary form. ~ Camille Paglia Salon 8/4/1998

EliDukes_: this is a camille paglia line.

sana__ameen: The Earth is littered with the ruins of empires that believed they were eternal. -Camille Paglia

zambonian: Addressing Camille Paglia by her first name but like how Bill Cosby would say it

iammarkcarnegie: Hanging out with Camille Paglia... - by Suzanne Moore

incognitoshayyy: Abraham Hicks and Camille Paglia collab pls x ty

MoiraDonegan: But the honest answer is that I could have read Camille Paglia too early and wound up as a “women’s rights means doing everything that men want, but this time we’re *choosing* it” feminist.

ABonesman: camille paglia has very big teacher's pet energy

thisideathat: Camille Paglia's final work exposed the colonialist anxiety of 'The Black Donnellys'

Jigeumun_: Camille Paglia's words:

logic_denier: camille paglia is wrong about a lot of things, but she is kinda right about one

massivesinkhole: if paglia was the susan sontag of the 90s then andrea long chu is the camille paglia (susan sontag) of the 2020s

Brasnoiado: A pseudo sanitary totalitarianism. With a division such as ours now, a dichotomized hysterical society. A humanity united between blue and red (pills). What are we missing for total disgrace. Camille Paglia was right, we are nearby the end of society as we know it!

SuburbanJihadi: Camille Paglia was so right about everything

abutixx: We are plunged once again into an ethical chaos where intolerance masquerades as tolerance and where individual liberty is crushed by the tyranny of the group. Camille Paglia

lurker_tech: Camille Paglia voice: “Decadence isn’t what it used to be”

comradesanchez: remembering when my ex asked if there were "others" and to delete a tweet that said I somehow attract Camille Paglia fans.

CromwellCyber: There is a generational sgift between thinkers like Camille Paglia and John David Ebert in that they both view the pop culture of the 20th century as a compelling liberation of humanity. Our Zoomo-millienial generation finds this hard to grasp as what goes for pop culture...

ReynardRogue: EVEN SOME COLLECTIVISTS ARE BEGINNING TO REALIZE THE COVID SCAM. From time to time I've noted that there are some leftists for whom I have respect, like Nat Hentoff or Camille Paglia. My comment has been that we have fundamentally different premises from which our worldview

calebyetagain: This young feminists don't know who Camille Paglia is and IT SHOWS

lexaprophet: red scare lady is antivaxx? oh my god, should we tell everyone? should we throw a party? should we invite camille paglia

MTClassical: "The more I explored it, the movement toward androgyny happens in a late phase of a culture, as a civilization is starting to unravel...the people who live in such cultures feel sophisticated but they are cultures who no longer believe in themselves." --Camille Paglia

cortesvictorh: "A woman simply is, but a man must become. Masculinity is risky and elusive. It is achieved by a revolt from woman, and is confirmed only by other men. Manhood coerced into sensitivity is no manhood at all." - Camille Paglia Thoughts?

MTClassical: "There is no female Mozart because there is no female Jack the Ripper." --Camille Paglia

malnote: Just finished reading that article by Camille Paglia it was about ectogenesis right? or did I miss something

suzanne_moore: Exhausting ,exhilarating person! Hanging out with Camille Paglia...

effelte: Suck Slam Thud: Camille Paglia Pours Milk on 43 of the World’s Best Webkinz

luckey_twitt: Camille Paglia is/was? a self-promoting crank, but I get a kick out of reading her in same way I enjoy reading double-Y chromozonol nutcase Ann Coulter books, though I disagree with both. They are entertaining and model a sharp writing style I envy.

CromwellCyber: Camille Paglia is basically a Med pagan with some residual Catholicism. She basically sees the West as a fusion of paganism and Christianity. That lead me to think about English pagan avatisms. They are certainly not Greco-roman.

medved_bjj: Camille Paglia, duh

joe_milutis: To me the latest Spiderman seems to fit in the category of how Camille Paglia talked about Revenge of the Sith: a masterpiece, although disdained by high brow sentiment. Although her estimation seems to depend on an analogy with things like Renaissance painting . . .

suzanne_moore: Hanging out with Camille Paglia...

agrawal_chelsi: Beauty is our weapon against nature; by it we make objects, giving them limit, symmetry, proportion. Beauty halts and freezes the melting flux of nature.~Camille Paglia DESERVING WINNER PRATIK

suzanne_moore: Watching this Bowie doc AGAIN I once spent a couple of days with Camille Paglia...would you like to know about that?

luckey_twitt: Retweeting Camille Paglia as ironic joke.

horatioalgorthm: CAMILLE PAGLIA: Bourgeois decadence is what it is. It's pure bourgeois decadence. And they're call themselves Marxists? They're nearly as diseased as evangelical Christians! LUFTINGWORTH HAEBERSTOCK: I think we can agree that Marx would not approve, at the very least. Moving on,

versusplank: Funny how quickly Camille paglia changed her tune after reading my Doris day zine

LipstickFacade: cue everyone changing their twitter name to A Camille Paglia Wet Dream

NatasaKve: Honestly didn’t have “Camille Paglia wet dream” on my 2022 bingo card

poetrysgbot: Camille Paglia the rest of this poem will be in the third person present. I hope this is okay with you. If it is not, I am sorry, but that won’t get in the way of my sense of high seriousness. — Ghazal of High Seriousness (2010), Nicholas Liu Unfree Verse

Litvacitus: The world needs a frum Camille Paglia.

SMSgt_Mac: The often biggest problem with women today is that they are raised by other women. Oddly, my observation on this subject seems to Randle some women...until they think about it

Edward_Chang_8: Think about the number of thinkers he inspired - from Samuel Huntington to Camille Paglia.

zermatist: Camille Paglia, a pretty cool-seeming chick and solid literary critic. But her sense of humor is awful, practically non-existent.

BradHaze215: The bunt w/ camille paglia

skinxheadx: I think the people in my record store who know me as a regular now know me as that guy who rants about why you shouldn’t apologize for defending art as if I were Camille Paglia and I’m ready for the lib who suggests otherwise.

furnitureman14: camille paglia can be my friend

alawphillips: Download Free PDF Ebook Free Women, Free Men by Camille Paglia

seanmcbride: /q Viciously silencing opponents simply guarantees that when the backlash finally comes, it will take massively reactionary form. /s Camille Paglia

pythoncoochie: red scare listeners google camille paglia nambla challenge

seerutkchawla: Viciously silencing opponents simply guarantees that when the backlash finally comes, it will take massively reactionary form. - Camille Paglia

natlyjune: Some day, Camille Paglia's most self-indulgent works will sink into irrelevance and disinterest and older people will call that suppression or something, too, but that won't be exactly correct. I do not believe Mailer's essays are quite that doomed or irrelevant,

AnaAnausa: What. is. that. This is a US congresswoman, everyone. A congresswoman. This is so telling and Camille Paglia was right: we're near the end of this civilization cycle.

iamsugarlipsss: camille paglia called modern artists terrorist worms and it felt like a Kiss

mitdasein: “But doctor, I am Camille Paglia.”

mgcoughlin: Young Americans Prefer Socialism Because They Are Ignorant of the Past: Camille Paglia. Yes thinking and perspective is helpful.

CamilleKenton: Close-Up: The Critic Camille Paglia on The Birds

FighterJarina: [Quote by Camille Paglia]

AnnaTay59833185: 'Feminist fantasies about the ideal sensitive male have failed. Manhood coerced into sensitivity is no manhood at all.' - Camille Paglia

robberytutorial: if you talk abt camille paglia in 2022 I’m taking all the cash out of your wallet

Sayyam_Tasib: “Feminist ideology has never dealt honestly with the role of the mother in human life.” -Camille Paglia

rustydoucette: “there’s an academic and social critic of contemporary american feminism and of post-structuralism in town tonight,” said the doctor, “go, it’ll take your mind off things.” “but doctor,” she cried, “i AM camille paglia”

terribmitchell: The incomparable Camille Paglia ❤️

braincelltwo: I see a lot of Camille Paglia in myself. Not in the Red Scare ideological sense (mildly delusional at best) but more so in how she manages to turn every article, regardless of the topic, into an opportunity to very bluntly hate on people she thinks are stupid.

TajDrive: Camille Paglia on The Birds

FighterJarina: [Quote by Camille Paglia]

PiotrJaranowsk1: Close-Up: The Critic Camille Paglia on The Birds

PagliaQuotes: Close-Up: The Critic Camille Paglia on The Birds

horatioalgorthm: CAMILLE PAGLIA: Now repeat after me: I am a fancy boy who loves to wear perfume and feel fabulous and there is NOTHING female about that. Right wing guy, through tears: I am a fancy boy who loves to wear perfume and feel fabulous. Can I have my spray now Mom, I mean Ms Paglia

mahsapelosky: “…girls who are indoctrinated to see men not as equals but as oppressors and rapists are condemned to remain in a permanently juvenile condition for life.”

ThisIsFBNews: Camille Paglia: Teen Says Taylor Swift Kept 'Peting' A Frozen Twix Bar Police Say

aromatasemebro: I am writing that Camille Paglia essay about Revenge of the Sith, except with the climactic Neo/Smith fight in Matrix: Revolutions

ed_die9: this review... the tamra stanning.. basically connects every piece of amusement i get from watching housewives if camille paglia can say andy cohen is the modern fassbinder who am i to say otherwise

vdmtrio: "The quarrel between Apollo and Dionysus is the quarrel between the higher cortex and older limbic brains" - Camille Paglia

kosibiz: A woman simply is, but a man must become. - Camille Paglia

abettertake: Which as young man also leads to urges for (metaphorically) violently divorce from this son/boy relationship in order to be a man. feel like even smart healthy young men need to feel a sense of “I don’t need my mommy”. Camille Paglia writes interestingly about this sort of thing

pagliaistheGOAT: A proud Camille Paglia quote. Source:

Quillette: "Most women, says Paglia, are biologically wired to procreate—and, foolishly, feminists pretend otherwise. 'Feminist ideology has never dealt honestly with the role of the mother in human life.'"

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