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TheAmanuensis: "If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts" -- Camille Paglia.

TKeithPreston1: Nor can "woke" be attributed to minorities, many of whom are decidedly unwoke about many things. Nor are "LGBTQ" people inherently woke. Blaire White is clearly not woke, nor is Caitlyn Jenner, or Camille Paglia.

metalrulestv: Check out Camille Paglia Heroin David Hasselhoff Nancy Sinatra Playboy 1995 Warden Killer

mcflurry_reboot: "Camille Paglia Stan" you can't be serious lmfao

1stChives: Feel like Rosa DeLauro and Camille Paglia would be good friends

RedKahina: can actually miss the better class of far right demagoguery we used to have. would be funny to put aoc blithering as the vocal of ronald reagan on a video. and camille paglia and jordan peterson as the voice track of the sneering william f buckley. but, it would even work if

DollPariah: in my camille paglia era (flirtatiously making it seem like i support for pederasty during a hypomanic episode)

DollPariah: in my camille paglia era (flirtatiously making it appear as though i support pederasty during a hypomanic episode)

im4charliecrist: (radioing into walkie talkie) that 22 year old red scare fan is looking at that Camille Paglia book really hard, take the shot, take tHE SHOT

hcbrimelow: "It is certainly ironic how liberals who posture as defenders of science when it comes to global warming... flee all reference to biology when it comes to gender" - Camille Paglia

thisideathat: It is difficult to separate Camille Paglia from their creature

Madmaddingcrowd: There’s a reason they only read Camille Paglia at colleges with 75% girls. That shit doesn’t fly with Michigan state girls.

GEOMETR38970656: am i crazy or is camille paglia hot

goingsouthbound: «Camille Paglia has written a scathing critique of Taylor Swift , referring to the singer as an “obnoxious Nazi Barbie ” whose “twinkly persona is such a scary flashback to the fascist blondes who ruled the social scene during my youth”.»

mamamcbear1: Lesson from History: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse - Camille Paglia This is from 6 years ago...foreshadowing the destruction of our society.

content_betty: there’s no reason why im not hanging out w camille paglia we work 2 blocks from each other like. does anyone have her number

inbella: Camille Paglia and Naomi Wolf discuss Fashion & Beauty | from Cindy Crawford's House of Style (1991)

gemmaluisa74: Lol camille paglia criticising pronouns

StarAndShadow: A week today: Cheryl Dunye stars as the video store clerk trying to track down the elusive "watermelon woman" while also finding love. Featuring Camille Paglia as herself. Part of our LGBT+ History Month programme.

ADHDivaaa: When Camille Paglia talks about the Apollonian and Dionysian dichotomy this is what she means:

FreudianFlipper: Verschlimmbesserung - Google translates this as Disimprovement, but is it? Did not Milan Kundera have a piece on non-translatability? I think he did. I’ll ask another vague question to ChatGPT. After the one I’ll ask a point re: Camille Paglia, I read maybe, 15 y/ ago.

TonyChiaroscuro: Are there critically minded feminists? Yes. I've a great deal of respect for 2 even though I occasionally disagree with them: C Hoff-Sommers & Camille Paglia. That said, feminism is dogshit dogma because it would rather sacrifice innocence for ideology rather than value truth.

spchamp: For the readings about pop culture so far, via academia, I think there's even more of a sense about the cultural significance of Camille Paglia's writing. Even if it's not branded to appeal to a commercial audience, the academic context of it may seem a little more serious now

2020Blackstone: There are less Trad thinkers, who don’t neatly fit into the left vs. right spectrum, such as dissident feminist, Camille Paglia, who has written about the symbolism of beauty and importance of aesthetics to civilization.

thewisebot: The Earth is littered with the ruins of empires that believed they were eternal. - Camille Paglia

esth12674: Christianity began as a religion of the poor and dispossessed - farmers, fishermen, Bedouin shepherds. There's a great lure to that kind of simplicity and rigor - the discipline, the call to action.,Camille Paglia,Great, Simplicity ,

catoletters: Viciously silencing opponents simply guarantees that when the backlash finally comes, it will take massively reactionary form. ~ Camille Paglia Salon 8/4/1998

kiptw: "What you need is diversion. There's an American social and feminist academic critic appearing downtown this evening, and I think you should go and..." "But Doctor," she said, "You don't understand! I AM Camille Paglia!"

1_800_MIRACLE: wow ur posts are soooo camille paglia and new york!!!!

petervulfranc: A Camille Paglia fan account liked my Douglas Sirk tweet. I didn’t know those were a thing.

MakiGalaxy0_0: I love Camille Paglia, although I came to disagree with her opinions on many matters she is an terrific persona, filled with unbound energy and passion towards life

azaerapolo: Camille Paglia suffered similar cancellations, and now Amy Wax. Not that I like her, but if people are allowed to make baseless accusations of "white supremacy" and "bigotry" without anybody raising an eyebrow, why can't she make racially charged statements?

MikeLaChance33: REMINDER: Even the far left author and professor Camille Paglia thinks indulging children in transgenderism is a form of child abuse.

Indian_AH_Fan: Camille Paglia is a good men's rights advocate but she is also a pedophile apologist (not making this up). She is not good for our movement.

russell_nm: “A woman simply is, but a man must become. Masculinity is risky and elusive. It is achieved by a revolt from woman, and it confirmed only by other men. Manhood coerced into sensitivity is no manhood at all.” –Camille Paglia

FilthyArmenian: A few of the fine ladies who have influenced me: Agatha Christie Ayn Rand Camille Paglia Florence King Isabel Paterson Joan Didion Flannery O'Connor Willa Cather

GarryAlways: Camille Anna Paglia Feminist academic and social critic

SalisuAhmad_: Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia have pushed me into reading Foucault. Derrida next. Want to see for myself. Lmao

catoletters: Viciously silencing opponents simply guarantees that when the backlash finally comes, it will take massively reactionary form. ~ Camille Paglia Salon 8/4/1998

Apocalyptology: It's just a silly troll game. But it does make the US look weak to other non-Western cultures lurking on the periphery that still place a still premium on masculinity. The political actors introducing this agenda know that. Camille Paglia has refer to this problem a few times.

cacteutwins: The only film review that I would be interested in is if Camille Paglia wrote a review of Tár

BarringerLynn: Art is something out of the ordinary commenting on the ordinary. Camille Paglia Peace out, y'all. Love VivaWomen'sHistoryMonth

GramsciGordon: Camille Paglia is more concise than this.

cosmicthreat: "I remember feeling so invigorated by Camille Paglia in the 1990s when I read her saying, “I think a woman can be raped and it’s not the end of the world for her”, which was sacrilegious at the time."

bachlover1958: They should let Camille Paglia host the Oscars

chlumbucket: Here to present the award for best representation of Earth Mother chthonic feminine chaos in a motion picture, please welcome Camille Paglia and Anna Faris

college_kumaran: The orgasm is a burst of violence, a kind of fury showing nature’s intention that behavior during copulation be the same as behavior in anger – Camille Paglia

cruelseanthesis: Resorting to citing my gf Camille Paglia in the interest of sharing new ideas that will be resoundingly repudiated by, uh, everyone.

23Suck: I might be thinking of Camille Paglia, unless they both are

Superdeftones: this is how camille paglia thinks italian catholicism looks like /// this is how it really looks like

PAGLIARAMA: 'Camille Paglia said Diana was the last great silent-movie star, so good was she at projecting glamour through sealed smiles in thousands of photographs.'

tmchrlbs: Every day someone proves that just because you’re gay doesn’t mean that your brain isn’t rotted with cruelty from the privilege of your whiteness or being a cisgender man (the username “Camille Paglia stan” should already be a red flag for everybody)

JedPumblechook: "Shelley’s objects are weightless and porous, penetrated by vision. Byron’s concrete objects are firmly fixed in space and time. Shelley’s imagination moves, but what moves in Byron is the body. Byron is a Greek athlete, challenging and surpassing." Camille Paglia

FighterJarina: [Quote by Camille Paglia]

angiebobandi: Camille Paglia on Edgar Allan Poe's, Berenice. Her ability to understand meta themes is unparalleled.

cav58669503: Wonder how Gloria Steinem, Camille Paglia & other feminists from the 60s feel about this?

FagathaGagatha: Camille Paglia was so obsessed with Elizabeth Taylor that at one point she had 599 printed pictures of her. And i was the same way with Marlon Brando when i was like 13 and pushed by a hormonal storm into an obsession with male beauty

DranguiDardani: What feminism calls patriarchy is simply civilization , an abstract system designed by men but augmented and now co-owned by women." Camille Paglia

__aasm__: “Biologic femaleness is a sequence of circular returns, beginning and ending at the same point. Woman’s centrality gives her a stability of identity. She does not have to become but only to be” Camille Paglia

IsaMubii: “The earth is littered with the ruins of empires that believed they were eternal.” - Camille Paglia


kame1078: "The earth is littered with the ruins of empires that believed they were eternal " .. Camille Paglia

discoscooby: horseshoe theory for ss rajamouli and camille paglia both including ben hur on their sight and sound lists

televisualities: I don't know whether it's hilarious or deeply sad that someone who claims to be an English teacher thinks this incredibly mild take from Dr Proudman is evidence of her being "beyond feminism into alternate reality". How'd they finish school without having to read Camille Paglia?

haterphobe: Rivers Cuomo was a Mary Tyler Moore and Camille Paglia fan

feedyourhead66: “What feminism calls patriarchy is simply civilization, an abstract system designed by men but augmented and now co-owned by women.” - Camille Paglia Women are incapable of fighting patriarchy as they themselves are complicit in upholding and sustaining it. Feminism is a scam.

altschlar: BREAKING: camille paglia has called for a boycott of Something About Her Sandwiches

0starkafterdark: However, no one picked up the Apollonian-Dionysian ball like Nietzsche's latter-day neo-Dionysian disciple Camille Paglia, through whom I was introduced to the concept

0starkafterdark: However, no one picked up the Apollonian-Dionysian ball like Nietzsche's latter-day neo-Dionysian disciple Camille Paglia, through whom I was introduced to the concept

KatarinaVidovic: Mary Harrington's "conservatism" is more like Germaine Greer's than Camille Paglia's. Case against the pill is essentially radical feminist (proper) one in terms of NOT separating freedom and care i.e. women's bodily autonomy + responsibility.

cruelseanthesis: My girlfriend is kind of edgy… you know her I think… Camille Paglia

CandiedGender: i love camille paglia bc she’s literally the most insane person alive

ElvisPressKnee: "The earth is littered with the ruins of empires that believed they were eternal." - Camille Paglia

dropoutnation: Camille Paglia, that famed 'contrarian', once noted that the true hippies of the 1960s never became part of mainstream life. For every campus activists, there were twice as many Baby Boomer moderates. Many of them probably became more conservative.

Jeetstorms: 1. A few thoughts on John Roberts, Joe Shuster, Desmond Tutu, Camille Paglia & postmodernism

quebecock: "The Earth is littered with the ruins of empires that believed they were eternal." - Camille Paglia

MrNicolasForero: I became interested in feminist literature after reading hooks' The Will to Change. One day after finishing the book, I picked up the work of Camille Paglia, a recognized feminist scientist.

tradspice: Cate Blanchett is like if Camille Paglia was 20% more normal and could act

queenofbithynia: every sun casts its shadow so I have to also confess the horrible upstaters, who have their own dark influence. camille paglia & joseph campbell...dismal beyond belief, but hatched from the same grey concrete Egg of the mind as the great ones

Faithfullyexplr: “If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts.” -Camille Paglia

woolwearer6: the way camille paglia accuses one branch of feminism for “sitting around smugly” while another advances a lib fem agenda is special. honestly she’s like an other lana del rey to me

vylpill: “Wang Huning’s America Against America shows the necessity of integrating Camille Paglia and Jordan Peterson into Maoist thought. I am friends with Joe Rogan.”

JohnDryden85: Camille Paglia on the universities (writing in 1994)--the people who succeeded were the ones with a talent for conformism and sycophancy. No wonder the people who flourish in universities today are who they are.

trsam97: From Camille Paglia's Free Women, Free Men. But is this true? Doesn't the current ecological crisis prove that society, with its antagonisms, deadlocks, excesses, etc., in fact, has a profound impact on nature?

thehex52: Blanchett's performance here convinced me that she'd be an outstanding Camille Paglia if she ever got a biopic.

jordan_castro2: I sometimes wonder if posting is like how Camille Paglia says LSD was for her generation: consciousness-expanding, but frying the best minds such that they can create no lasting works of literature or art

AgingWhiteGay: Imagine not knowing who Camille Paglia is.

carmelittles: Delightful vindication and comfort in finding out that Camille Paglia doesn’t like traveling either

theartofmann: "Camille Paglia supports NAMBLA!!!!"

FighterJarina: [Quote by Camille Paglia]

Hibernian22: “There is no female Mozart because there is no female Jack the Ripper”- Camille Paglia

AldousAsterion: I was reading about the Crisis in the Humanities as an English major, ten years ago. Many critiques of academia (from Camille Paglia, Roger Kimball, the 2 Blooms) were themselves a couple decades old by then.

graff_ww: Paglia 3/3 reduces art to ideology, as if the art object has no other purpose or meaning beyond the economic or political." [Camille Paglia, "Glittering Images"]

nhmeems: "The latest quote comes from Camille Paglia, who has argued that men are naturally inclined towards rape, a position that incels share because, in their view, this makes rape a legitimate method through which men can take the parts of women’s bodies they feel entitled to."

NuMetalPapi69: You never see Camille Paglia and Paul McCartney in the same room… just sayin…

BizeSarah: Why are Camille Paglia and Jordan Peterson considered conservative if they identify as liberal? Can you be both at once? Is there room for all formz?

marymagdelener: > get high > read camille paglia > realize ur a little retarded in a smart way

FBorsik: Tweeting for Bernie, name dropping Joe Rogan or Sam Harris, putting books by Camille Paglia or Jonathan Haidt on their shelves, these are the ways that young women signal I’m liberal, but I’m not too woke to date. The brave ones admit 2 having watched some Jordan Peterson videos.

bucadibrian: So TikTok won’t even allow you to look up Camille Paglia lol who would have thought we would get to 1984 via safety and inclusivity

kristineberth: camille paglia does not miss

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