Snow is falling: snow is falling.
Geranium flowers reach
for the blizzard-s small white stars
past the window-s edge.

Snow is falling, all is lost,
the whole world-s streaming past:
the flight of steps on the back stairs,
the corner where roads cross.

Snow is falling: snow is falling,
not snowflakes stealing down,
Sky parachutes to earth instead,
in his worn dressing gown.

As if he-s playing hide-and-seek,
across the upper landings,
a mad thing, slowly sneaks,
Sky creeps down from the attic.

It-s all because life won-t wait,
before you know, it-s Christmas here.
And look, in a minute,
suddenly it-s New Year.

Snow is falling, deeper - deeper.
Maybe, with that same stride
in that same tempo,
with that same languor,

Time-s going by?

Year after year, perhaps,
passing, as snow-s falling,
like words in a poem?
Snow-s falling: snow-s falling.
Snow is falling, all is lost -
the whitened passers-by,
leaves- startled showing,
the corners where roads cross.