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  • 1.
    You may judge me wrong and look me down
    And think of me as the worst in town
    Telling me I need to slow down.
    But I'll still tell you the same thing:
  • 2.
    Now with all the money in my pocket
    I can bet and say he was one best poet.
    Now in every objection and understanding
    I can fully say he was outstanding.
  • 3.
    I wanted but to write
    In blindness and in sight,
    A poem for nobody to read,
    Except my Annabel Lee, indeed .
  • 4.
    If I were Shakespeare I would write a drama about you,
    If I were Dickens, a novel would be.
    If I were Picasso, I would paint you,
    And if I were Russell Lowell, I think a poem would do good
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Simemukele Dlamini: Great in poetry. Very talented, very creative. Amazing.

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