Bob Hicok Woman Poems

  • 1.
    Drunk, I kissed the moon
    where it stretched on the floor.
    I'd removed happiness from a green bottle,
    both sipped and gulped
  • 2.
    A bee in the field. The house on the mountain
    reveals itself to have been there through summer.
    It's not a bee but a horse eating frosted grass
    in the yawn light. Secrets, the anguish of smoke
  • 3.
    Nobody I know is a god. A mother and son
    fall into the river's million hands, the river's
    smash and grab. They go under, climb the ropeless
    water up, wave, open their mouths and scream
  • 4.
    about the left nipple
    of the woman in the bathroom.

    She is drying her hair, the woman
  • 5.
    At forty-eight, to be given water,
    which is most of the world, given life
    in water, which is most of me, given ease,

  • 6.
    I'm in a plane that will not be flown into a building.
    It's a SAAB 340, seats 40, has two engines with propellers
    is why I think of beanies, those hats that would spin
    a young head into the clouds. The plane is red and loud
  • 7.
    Who cleaned up the Last Supper?
    These would be my people.
    Maybe hung over, wanting
    desperately a better job,
  • 8.
    It was a misunderstanding.
    I got into bed, made love
    with the woman I found there,
    called her honey, mowed the lawn,
  • 9.
    There is a tradition in Laparone that the first
    man to wake each morning must sweep
    shadows from his porch lest night
    pull the long limbs of sunlight
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