Bob Hicok Thought Poems

  • 1.
    Drunk, I kissed the moon
    where it stretched on the floor.
    I'd removed happiness from a green bottle,
    both sipped and gulped
  • 2.
    I met my butt in a Pittsburgh
    hotel room. My face
    still looks like my face
    but not my butt, my hair
  • 3.
    He has five children, IĆ¢??m papa
    to a hundred pencils.
    I bought the chair he sat in

  • 4.
    I called a man today. After he said
    hello and I said hello came a pause
    during which it would have been

  • 5.
    A few hours after Des Moines
    the toilet overflowed.
    This wasn't the adventure it sounds.

  • 6.
    about the left nipple
    of the woman in the bathroom.

    She is drying her hair, the woman
  • 7.
    is a system of posture for wood.
    A way of not falling down
    for twigs that happens
    to benefit birds. I don't know.
  • 8.
    My father's head has become a mystery to him.
    We finally have something in common.
    When he moves his head his eyes
    get big as roses filled
  • 9.
    For Flaco

    A cooler
    head of lettuce prevailed, but when the actor
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