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  • The Prinkin' Leddie
    The Hielan' lassies are a' for spinnin',
    The Lowlan' lassies for prinkin' and pinnin';
    My daddie w'u'd chide me, an' so w'u'd my minnie
    If I s'u'd bring hame sic a prinkin' leddie. ...
  • Death And The Maiden

    Fair youth with the rose at your lips, ...
  • Silver Filigree
    The icicles wreathing
    On trees in festoon
    Swing, swayed to our breathing:
    They're made of the moon. ...
  • Blood Feud
    Once, when my husband was a child, there came
    To his father's table, one who called him kin,
    In sunbleached corduroys paler than his skin.
    His look was grave and kind; he bore the name ...
  • Village Mystery
    The woman in the pointed hood
    And cloak blue-gray like a pigeon's wing,
    Whose orchard climbs to the balsam-wood,
    Has done a cruel thing. ...
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  • Khotasikka14: "in masks outrageous and austere, the years go by in single file; but none has merited my fear, and none has quite escaped my smile." elinor morton wylie from a really sad and hopeless poem about loneliness and being without love in one’s life.
  • Verbquests: > usurp elinor morton hoyt wylie don't know how to usurp elinor morton hoyt wylie
  • Danielamacorin: the rose's funeral breath confirms by intuitive fears; to prove your devotion, sir death, avaunt for a dozen of...
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