Of Jesus the Son of the Living God
I want to hear,
He who chose me before I was born
And loved me, even when I hated Him.
He who demonstrated His love through
The death on the Cross.

Of Jesus of Nazareth, proclaim to me,
The sweet name that chases away demons
And heals the dying body and soul
I constantly want to hear,
The Savior and Lord who humbled Himself to
the point of death in my place,
What man could have brought that precious redemption?

Of Jesus, the Messiah, let me know
A Man of sorrows and pains,
despised, rejected and forsaken by men,
And acquainted with grief and sickness,
To bring salvation to the dying and sinful mankind.

Of Jesus, the friend of sinners, I need to know,
He who did no violence,
His mouth spoke only but the truth,
Yet, for many sinners He died
For they never knew Him.
Yet, it was the Will of the Lord to bruise Him,
An offering for our sins.

Tell me of Jesus Christ,
The King of Kings who sits on the throne of God
Waiting to judge the earth and its inhabitants,
He who defeated death and Resurrected,
The powerful Comforter,
The greatest physician,
The way, Truth and light of the earth
My everything!