Barry Cornwall Sweet Poems

  • 1.
    I am a Witch, and a kind old Witch,
    There's many a one knows that--
    Alone I live in my little dark house
    With Pillycock, my cat.
  • 2.
    WE are born; we laugh; we weep;
    We love; we droop; we die!
    Ah! wherefore do we laugh or weep?
    Why do we live, or die?
  • 3.
    Here's a health to thee, Mary,
    Here's a health to thee;
    The drinkers are gone,
    And I am alone,
  • 4.
    SIT down, sad soul, and count
    The moments flying:
    Come,â??tell the sweet amount
    That â??s lost by sighing!
  • 5.
    HOW many summers, love,
    Have I been thine?
    How many days, thou dove,
    Hast thou been mine?
  • 6.
    RISE! Sleep no more! â??T is a noble morn:
    The dews hang thick on the fringed thorn,
    And the frost shrinks back, like a beaten hound,
    Under the steaming, steaming ground.
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