Who is Roderic Quinn

Roderic Joseph Quinn (26 November 1867 – 15 August 1949) was an Australian poet.

Early life Quinn was the seventh child of Irish parents Edward Quinn, letter-carrier, and his wife Catherine. He was educated at Catholic schools where he met and formed lifelong friendships with Christopher Brennan and E. J. Brady. Following school he studied law irregularly and taught for six months at Milbrulong Provisional Public School, near Wagga Wagga. After a short stint back in Sydney as a public servant he became editor of the North Sydney News.

Career Quinn began publishing his poetry in The Bulletin during the 1890s and continued to do so for the rest of his life, writing over 1200 individual pieces in all. He published a novel, Mostyn Stayne ...
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Roderic Quinn Poems

  • At The Tide's Will
    WHEN the tide came surging in
    To the beach it bore
    Drift-wood and brown weeds â??
    These â?? and nothing more! ...
  • The Year's End
    THE voices of the wind and wave
    They sigh the Old Year's requiem;
    The dead are calling from the grave â??
    Good friends, a little space I crave ...
  • The Red-tressed Maiden
    RED she is in a robe of sable,
    Rosy with pictures and tales to tell:
    She is a fairy, and yet no fable,
    Weaving the dreams that we love so well. ...
  • The Sea-seekers
    ALL four of us were inland born
    And inland reared from birth were we,
    And â?? though the tale be food for scorn â??
    We four had never seen the Sea. ...
  • Bequeathal
    THE night-birds cry in the bush outside,
    And I write here, though the hour be late;
    And what shall I write of the man who died?
    'He gave his gold to the poor at his gate!' ...
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  • Spill_words: the lotus-flower by roderic quinn   all the heights of the high shores gleam red and gold at the sunset hour: there comes the spell of a magic dream, and the harbour seems a lotus-flower; a blue flower tinted at dawn
  • Mcdonagh_quinn: no wonder pedophiles and rapists get suspended sentences in ireland, we have a pedophile apologist known as roderic o gorman as a government minister. (and i doubt he's the only one). the justice system in ireland is a disgrace.
  • Mcdonagh_quinn: people should be ashamed that we have a pedophile apologist in the highest ranks of the irish government. (roderic o gorman)
  • Itsreallyheart: singing low and singing loud — spoke its message to the crowd.      roderic quinn lovejona iwantasap
  • Tvcritics: "they were wronged, and they wronged nobody" roderic o'gorman on the mother and baby homes. remember when justin barrett, hermann kelly, david quinn & their racist fanboys turned up with nooses & pics of roderic only a year ago.
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