He prayed for it ,he fasted for it ,but it delayed,his pillow looked like a zebra with so many marks from the tears he shedded several nights, he became weary,doubtful,angry,emotional then finally it came to him .then he realized it wasn't what he needed but wat he thought he needed. ,he cried everyday,he felt like a curse ,he felt hopeless ,he decided to ask God and he was answered by an unknown silent but loud voice"look around u and observe " it said ,he started noticing that what he was ignoring,what he spent less time on was what he needed to solve all his problems, he realized it was unique , he realized it was special,he realized he was wrong ,he realized he was blinded,now he testifies a few believes ,he doesn't care .When people asks him how he made it so far he tells them 'look around you and observe 'a few understands but to him that's all that matters.