It was her baby s birthday,she didn't know what to give him,infact she didn't have anything with her, her husband just left her,her mother just passed away,people criticized her for her beliefs, she had noone to look up to,she went in her room clearing all the things that reminded her of the good old times,then she found a penny, "what could it buy" she thought,she looked back at her child who looked like he has a lot in his mind , "what could he be thinking about ,he is only 4 and barely understands what was going on" she thought,she took that last penny to the shops , it couldn't buy a toy , it couldn't buy a book or pen,it could only buy a balloon, she took the balloon and gave to her child .As she walked back home she passed through a small park and decided to spend time with her child there , she thought it would help free her mind aswell. As she played with him she could see the joy ,peace,happiness,love, and cry for his mother s attention in his eyes,she paused for a moment and realized she had been crying a lot about people leaving and isolating her yet she barely gave time to her child .that is when she realized what her child needed for his birthday 'her presence and attention' with tears in her eyes she learnt that it's the little things in life that matters the most as her child embrased her whispering "thank you mommy for fulfilling my birthday wish".which touched her heart making her not want to let go of him.