I have a guy in my life
Who can be blunt as a rock or sharp as a knife
He keeps pushing me to get better
Sometimes making me run helter skelter
To the extent of me becoming a skater

I have a lady who can be as crazy as a coon
When she gets angry she comes out of it soon
Dont get on her bad book
She can shrivel you with her look
Damn you will be caught with her hook

His love is unconditional
Which makes him extremely emotional
He has been a pillar of strength
Pushing himself more than his length
And I love him with my last breath

She is funny and sincere
Than most I have seen here
As a person there is no other
For her I can commit murder
She is none other than my lover

When he visits I secretly smile
Coz his sight triggers my bile
My love for him makes me go blind
And I can't control my mind
For he's my gem which I have found

Is it always like this?
Am not sure I can control this!
Would it be a lovely bliss?
Or are my thoughts just amiss?
One thing I always miss is her lovely kiss

Confuse yourself not
For this is called true love
Loving you was never a mistake
For discovering a new world is a venture I had to take.