I'm sorry
I know have hurt you immensely
I lied
I didn't mean to neither did I realize I was till of late...
I could tell you of all the dreams I've had of us,though that will probably be of no comfort;
I fought with the truth
thought I would prevail over it

I didn't mean to hurt you

I won't lie and say I know the extent of pain you are feeling
I don't have a heart like yours

I layed on a bed of hope
covered with fantasy-
I thought my editions
would make it real;

I bared the surface of my soul
though covered with flowers-
a spring bloom;
You weren't aware that it was a breed of cactus

We don't often want what we have
I painted a picture of sunflowers and white roses
never intending to lure you ;
neither have I known you to like art

My motion of gentle brush strokes
has earned me a title of deeds ,
a good eye for fine art
are you one of my pieces ?
none like fortune
but light ;upon this museum of wonder