The Meeting Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When walkin' down a city streetA
Two thousand miles from homeB
The pavestones hurtin' of the feetA
That never ought to roamB
A pony jest reached to one sideC
And grabbed me by the clothesD
He smelled the sagebrush durn his hideC
You bet a pony knowsE
I stopped and petted him and seenF
A brand upon his sideC
I'll bet across the prairie greenF
He useter hit his strideC
Some puncher of the gentle cowG
Had owned him that I knowsE
Which same is why he jest says HowG
There's sagebrush in your clothesD
He knowed the smell no doubt it wakedC
Him out of some bright dreamH
In some far stream his thirst is slakedC
He sees the mountains gleamH
He bears his rider far and fastC
And real the bull thing growsE
When I come sorter driftin' pastC
With sagebrush in my clothesD
Poor little hoss It's tough to beI
Away from that fair landC
Away from that wide prairie seaI
With all its vistas grandC
I feel for you old hoss I doC
It's hard the way life goesE
I'd like to travel back with youC
Back where that sagebrush growsE

Arthur Chapman


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