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  • The Ostrich-punching Of Arroyo Al
    I was broke in Arizony, and was gloomy as a tomb
    When I got a chance at punchin' for an outfit called Star-Plume;
    I did n't ask no wherefores, but jest lit out with my tarp,
    As happy as an angel with the newest make o' harp....
  • The Old Yaller Slicker
    The old yaller slicker's the cowpuncher's friend-
    His saddle is never without it-
    It's rolled in a bundle and tied at each end,
    But it's ready for service, don't doubt it....
  • The Old-timer
    He showed up in the springtime, when the geese began to honk;
    He signed up with the outfit, and we fattened up his bronk;
    His chaps were old and tattered, but he never seemed to mind,
    ‘Cause for worryin' and frettin' he had never been designed;...
  • The Old Dutch Oven
    Some sigh for cooks of boyhood days, but none of them for me;
    One roundup cook was best of all-'t was with the X-Bar-T.
    And when we heard the grub-pile call at morning, noon, and night,
    The old Dutch oven never failed to cook the things just right....
  • The Meeting
    When walkin' down a city street,
    Two thousand miles from home,
    The pavestones hurtin' of the feet
    That never ought to roam,...
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Astrohde: if graham chapman shows up dressed as king arthur i'm going down quicker than the black knight but if it's just his urn i think i have a fighting chance.
Wthlp: managed by herbert chapman who signed walter tull from spurs in october 1911 while managing northampton town. a young chapman played alongside the first black professional footballer arthur wharton while both were at stalybridge rovers in the 1890s
Elitelink: arthur chapman used prolaw to build a collaborative platform across the law firm, maximize efficiency, and add scope for endless customization:
Bowclad4257: every generation is a secret society and has incommunicable enthusiasm tastes and interests which are a mystery both to its predecessor and to posterity.,arthur chapman,society, social,
Ani_obsessive: early pencil tests by william salazar for the prince of egypt (1998), dir. brenda chapman, steve hickner and simon wells, dreamworks animation
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