Arthur Chapman Lost Poems

  • 1.
    He showed up in the springtime, when the geese began to honk;
    He signed up with the outfit, and we fattened up his bronk;
    His chaps were old and tattered, but he never seemed to mind,
    ‘Cause for worryin' and frettin' he had never been designed;
  • 2.
    There ain't no leaves to turn to gold-
    There ain't a tree in sight-
    In other ways the herder's told
    October's come, all right.
  • 3.
    Down here in Cactus Center we believe in savin' time;
    Unlike the waste of powder, wastin' daylight is a crime;
    So we held a solemn meetin', down in Poker Johnson's place,
    And agreed that here in Cactus every clock must change its face;
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