Arthur Chapman Night Poems

  • 1.
    The old yaller slicker's the cowpuncher's friend-
    His saddle is never without it-
    It's rolled in a bundle and tied at each end,
    But it's ready for service, don't doubt it.
  • 2.
    Some sigh for cooks of boyhood days, but none of them for me;
    One roundup cook was best of all-'t was with the X-Bar-T.
    And when we heard the grub-pile call at morning, noon, and night,
    The old Dutch oven never failed to cook the things just right.
  • 3.
    The bunkhouse on the cattle ranch
    Was lowly, but at night
    When its small window was aglow
    We hurried in that light,
  • 4.
    There's a new grace up on Boot Hill, where we've planted Rowdy Pete;
    He died one evenin', sudden, with his leather on his feet;
    He was Cactus Center's terror with that work of art, the Colt,
    But, somehow, without warnin', he up and missed his holt.
  • 5.
    Out among the big things-
    The mountains and the plains-
    An hour ain't important,
    Nor are the hour's gains;
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