Arthur Chapman Plain Poems

  • 1.
    I was broke in Arizony, and was gloomy as a tomb
    When I got a chance at punchin' for an outfit called Star-Plume;
    I did n't ask no wherefores, but jest lit out with my tarp,
    As happy as an angel with the newest make o' harp.
  • 2.
    He stands upon the city street, keen-eyed, and brown of face,
    He seems to bring a breath of air from some broad prairie space;
    He's perched upon a pair of heels that fit the stirrup's curve,
    That meet the bucking bronco's plunge and counteract each swerve;
  • 3.
    Bill's home ag'in from Europe, where he featured with a show,
    But he don't talk none about it-his words jest seem to flow
    On the subject of home-comin', and this glorious Southwest land,
    Which talk, to all us people, is some hard to onderstand.
  • 4.
    Down here in Cactus Center we believe in savin' time;
    Unlike the waste of powder, wastin' daylight is a crime;
    So we held a solemn meetin', down in Poker Johnson's place,
    And agreed that here in Cactus every clock must change its face;
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