The Wife Of Usher's Well Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


There lived a wife at Usher's wellA
And a wealthy wife was sheB
She had three stout and stalwart sonsC
And sent them o'er the seaB
They hadna been a week from herD
A week but barely aneE
When word came to the carline wifeF
That her three sons were ganeE
They hadna been a week from herD
A week but barely threeB
When word came to the carline wifeF
That her sons she'd never seeB
'I wish the wind may never ceaseG
Nor fashes in the floodH
Till my three sons come hame to meB
In earthly flesh and blood '-
It fell about the MartinmasG
When nights are lang and mirkI
The carline wife's three sons came hameB
And their hats were o' the birkI
It neither grew in syke nor ditchJ
Nor yet in ony sheughJ
But at the gates o' ParadiseG
That birk grew fair eneughF
'Blow up the fire my maidensG
Bring water from the wellA
For a' my house shall feast this nightK
Since my three sons are well '-
And she has made to them a bedL
She 's made it large and wideM
And she 's ta'en her mantle her aboutN
Sat down at the bedsideM
Up then crew the red red cockI
And up and crew the grayO
The eldest to the youngest saidL
''Tis time we were away '-
The cock he hadna craw'd but onceG
And clapp'd his wings at a'P
When the youngest to the eldest saidL
'Brother we must awa'Q
'The cock doth craw the day doth dawR
The channerin' worm doth chideM
Gin we be miss'd out o' our placeG
A sair pain we maun bide '-
'Lie still lie still but a little wee whileS
Lie still but if we mayO
Gin my mother should miss us when she wakesG
She'll go mad ere it be day '-
'Fare ye weel my mother dearT
Fareweel to barn and byreT
And fare ye weel the bonny lassG
That kindles my mother's fire '-



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