I-M growing old - -t is surely so;
And yet how short it seems
Since I was but a sportive child,
Enjoying childish dreams!

I cannot see the change that comes
With such an even pace;
I mark not when the wrinkles fall
Upon my fading face.

I know I-m old; and yet my heart
Is just as young and gay
As e-er it was before my locks
Of bright brown turned to gray.

I know these eyes to other eyes
Look not so bright and glad
As once they looked; and yet -tis nor
Because my heart-s more sad.

I never watched with purer joy
The floating clouds and glowing skies,
While glistening tears of rapture fill
These old and fading eyes.

And when I mark the cheek, wkere once
The bright rose used to glow,
It grieves me not to see instead
The almond crown my brow.

I-ve seen the flower grow old and pale,
And withered more than I;
I-ve seen it lose its every charm,
Then droop away and die.

And then I-ve seen it rise again,
Bright as the beaming sky,
And young and pure and beautiful-
And felt that so shall I.

Then what if I am growing old?
My heart is changeless still,
And God has given me enough
This loving heart to fill.

I love to see the sun go down,
And lengthening shadows throw
Along the ground, while o-er my head
The clouds in crimson glow.

I see, beyond those gorgeous clouds,
A country bright and fair,
Which needs no sun: God and the Lamb
Its light and beauty are.

I seem to hear the wondrous song
Redeemed sinners sing;
And my heart leaps to join the throng
To praise the Heavenly King.

I seem to see three cherub boys,
As hand in hand they go,
With golden curls and snowy wings,
Whose eyes with rapture glow.

When I was young I called them mine -
Now Heaven-s sweet ones are they;
But I shall claim my own again,
When I am called away.

Perhaps, when heaven-s bright gate I-ve passed,
They-ll know from every other
The one who gave them back to God,
And haste to call me mother.

0! 1 am glad I-m growing old!
For every day I spend
Shall bring me one day nearer that
Bright day that has no end.