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  • I Saw Three Ships
    I saw three ships come sailing in
    On Christmas day, on Christmas day;
    I saw three ships come sailing in
    On Christmas day in the morning....
  • The Man In The Glass
    When you get what you want in your struggle for self
    and the world makes you king for a day
    Just go to the mirror and look at yourself
    and see what that man has to say...
  • Ubi Sunt Qui Ante Nos Fuerunt?
    Were beth they that biforen us weren,
    Houndes ladden and havekes beren,
    And hadden feld and wode?
    The riche levedies in hoere bour, ...
  • A Son Of A Gun
    I wish I had a barrel of rum
    and sugar three hundred pound.
    I-d put it in the College bell
    and stir it -round and -round....
  • God And The Soldier
    God and the soldier
    All men adore
    In time of trouble,
    And no more;...
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  • Anonymous_leeks: bluegrass revived as today's choice for protest songs...?
  • Anonymous_ib: how "workless" men are driving america's labor crisis
  • Ripx4nutmeg: students at louisiana state university school of medicine have been taught that females on testosterone have a similar risk of heart attack to males, when the risk is actually much higher. students were told they were not allowed to debate this
  • Decidetotry: for all the vaccine junkies out there... maybe it's time to seek help. "covid vaccine anonymous" anyone? (perhaps the acronym is bad)
  • Calnewseditor: the media continues to use anonymous sources to discredit president trump. little wonder no one believes them any longer.
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In Memoriam A. H. H.: 96. You Say, But With No Touch Of Sco
 by Alfred Lord Tennyson

You say, but with no touch of scorn,
Sweet-hearted, you, whose light-blue eyes
Are tender over drowning flies,
You tell me, doubt is Devil-born.
I know not: one indeed I knew
In many a subtle question versed,
Who touch'd a jarring lyre at first,
But ever strove to make it true:

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