To Mr. F. Now Earl Of W Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


No sooner FLAVIO was you goneA
But your Injunction thought uponB
ARDELIA took the PenC
Designing to perform the TaskD
Her FLAVIO did so kindly askD
Ere he returned agenC
Unto Parnassus strait she sentE
And bid the Messenger that wentE
Unto the Muses CourtF
Assure them she their Aid did needG
And begg'd they'd use their utmost SpeedG
Because the Time was shortF
The hasty Summons was allow'dH
And being well bred they rose and bow'dH
And said they'd poste awayI
That well they did ARDELIA knowC
And that no Female's Voice belowC
They sooner wou'd obeyI
That many of that rhiming TrainC
On like Occasions sought in vainC
Their Industry t'exciteJ
But for ARDELIA all they'd leaveK
Thus flatt'ring can the Muse deceiveK
And wheedle us to writeJ
Yet since there was such haste requir'dL
To know the Subject 'twas desir'dL
On which they must infuseM
That they might temper Words and RulesN
And with their Counsel carry ToolsN
As Country Doctors useO
Wherefore to cut off all DelaysP
'Twas soon reply'd a Husband's PraiseP
Tho' in these looser TimesQ
ARDELIA gladly wou'd rehearseR
A Husband's who indulg'd her VerseR
And now requir'd her RimesQ
A Husband eccho'd all aroundS
And to Parnassus sure that SoundS
Had never yet been sentE
Amazement in each Face was readT
In haste th'affrighted Sisters fledT
And unto Council wentE
Erato cry'd since Grizel's DaysP
Since Troy Town pleas'd and Chivey chaceU
No such Design was knownC
And 'twas their Bus'ness to take careV
It reach'd not to the publick EarW
Or got about the TownC
Nor came where Evening Beaux were metX
O'er Billet doux and ChocolateY
Lest it destroy'd the HouseZ
For in that Place who cou'd dispenceZ
That wore his Cloaths with common SenseZ
With mention of a SpouseZ
'Twas put unto the Vote at lastA2
And in the Negative it pastA2
None to her Aid shou'd moveB2
Yet since ARDELIA was a FriendC2
Excuses 'twas agreed to sendC2
Which plausible might proveB2
That Pegasus of late had beenC
So often rid thro' thick and thinC
With neither Fear nor WitD2
In Panegyrick been so spurr'dL
He cou'd not from the Stall be stirr'dL
Nor wou'd endure the BitD2
Melpomene had given a BondE2
By the new House alone to standF2
And write of War and StrifeG2
Thalia she had taken FeesZ
And Stipends from the PatenteesZ
And durst not for her LifeG2
Urania only lik'd the ChoiceZ
Yet not to thwart the publick VoiceZ
She whisp'ring did impartH2
They need no Foreign Aid invokeI2
No help to draw a moving StrokeI2
Who dictate from the HeartH2
Enough the pleas'd ARDELIA cry'dH2
And slighting ev'ry Muse besideH2
Consulting now her BreastH2
Perceiv'd that ev'ry tender ThoughtH2
Which from abroad she'd vainly soughtH2
Did there in Silence restH2
And shou'd unmov'd that Post maintainC
Till in his quick Return againC
Met in some neighb'ring GroveJ2
Where Vice nor Vanity appearK2
Her FLAVIO them alone might hearW
In all the Sounds of LoveL2
For since the World do's so despiseZ
Hymen's Endearments and its TiesZ
They shou'd mysterious beM2
Till We that Pleasure too possessZ
Which makes their fancy'd HappinessZ
Of stollen SecrecyM2

Anne Kingsmill Finch


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