An Invitation To Dafnis Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When such a day blesst the Arcadian plaineA
Warm without Sun and shady without rainA
Fann'd by an air that scarsly bent the flowersB
Or wav'd the woodbines on the summer bowersB
The Nymphs disorder'd beauty cou'd not fearC
Nor ruffling winds uncurl'd the Shepheards hairD
On the fresh grasse they trod their measures lightE
And a long Evening made from noon to nightE
Come then my Dafnis from those cares descendF
Which better may the winter season spendF
Come and the pleasures of the feilds surveyG
And throo' the groves with your Ardelia strayG
Reading the softest Poetry refuseH
To veiw the subjects of each rural museH
Nor lett the busy compasses go roundI
When faery Cercles better mark the groundI
Rich Colours on the Vellum cease to layG
When ev'ry lawne much nobler can displayG
When on the daz'ling poppy may be seenA
A glowing red exceeding your carmineA
And for the blew that o're the Sea is borneA
A brighter rises in our standing cornA
Come then my Dafnis and the feilds surveyG
And throo' the groves with your Ardelia strayG
Come and lett Sansons World no more engageJ
Altho' he gives a Kingdom in a pageJ
O're all the Vniverse his lines may goeK
And not a clime like temp'rate brittan showK
Come then my Dafnis and her feilds surveyG
And throo' the groves with your Ardelia strayG
Nor plead that you're immur'd and cannot yieldL
That mighty Bastions keep you from the feildL
Think not tho' lodg'd in Mons or in NamurG
You're from my dangerous attacks secureG
No Louis shall his falling Conquests fearG
When by succeeding Courriers he shall hearG
Appollo and the Muses are drawn downA
To storm each fort and take in ev'ry TownA
Vauban the Orphean Lyre to mind shall callM
That drew the stones to the old Theban WallM
And make no doubt if itt against him playG
They from his works will fly as fast awayG
Which to prevent he shall to peace persuadeN
Of strong confederate Syllables affraidN
Come then my Dafnis and the fields surveyG
And throo' the Groves with your Ardelia strayG
Come and attend how as we walk alongO
Each chearfull bird shall treat us with a songO
Nott such as Fopps compose where witt nor artN
Nor plainer Nature ever bear a partN
The Cristall springs shall murmure as we passeG
But not like Courtiers sinking to disgraceP
Nor shall the louder Rivers in their fallM
Like unpaid Saylers or hoarse Pleaders brawleM
But all shall form a concert to delightN
And all to peace and all to love enviteN
Come then my Dafnis and the feilds surveyG
And throo' the Groves with your Ardelia strayG
As Baucis and Philemon spent their livesQ
Of husbands he the happyest she of wivesR
When throo' the painted meads their way they soughtN
Harmlesse in act and unperplext in thoughtN
Lett us my Dafnis rural joys persueR
And Courts or Camps not ev'n in fancy viewS
So lett us throo' the Groves my Dafnis strayG
And so the pleasures of the feilds surveyG

Anne Kingsmill Finch


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