To The Muse Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The Muse my sister looked in my faceA
her gaze was bright and clearB
and she took away my golden ringC
the gift of the virginal yearB
Muse everyone else is happyD
girls wives widows all aroundE
I swear I d rather die on the rackF
than live fettered and boundE
In time I ll join the guessing gameG
pluck petals from the daisy s wheelH
Each creature on this earth I knowI
must suffer love s ordealH
Tonight I pine for no oneJ
alone in my candlelit roomK
but I don t don t don t want to knowI
who s kissing whomK
At dawn the mirrors mocking will sayL
Your gaze is not bright or clearB
I ll sigh The Muse my sister cameG
and took the gift of gifts awayL
from Vercher Evening Poets GuildM
Translated by Stanley Kunitz and Max HaywardN

Anna Akhmatova


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