The Orphan Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


MY father and mother are deadA
Nor friend nor relation I knowB
And now the cold earth is their bedA
And daisies will over them growB
I cast my eyes into the tombC
The sight made me bitterly cryD
I said 'And is this the dark roomC
Where my father and mother must lie '-
I cast my eyes round me againE
In hopes some protector to seeF
Alas but the search was in vainG
For none had compassion on meF
I cast my eyes up to the skyD
I groan'd though I said not a wordH
Yet GOD was not deaf to my cryD
The Friend of the fatherless heardH
For since I have trusted his careI
And learn'd on his word to dependJ
He has kept me from every snareI
And been my best Father and FriendJ

Ann Taylor


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