The Child-s Monitor Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


THE wind blows down the largest treeA
And yet the wind I cannot seeA
Playmates far off who have been kindB
My thought can bring before my mindB
The past by it is present broughtC
And yet I cannot see my thoughtC
The charming rose scents all the airD
Yet I can see no perfume thereD
Blithe Robin's notes how sweet how clearE
From his small bill they reach my earF
And whilst upon the air they floatG
I hear yet cannot see a noteG
When I would do what is forbidH
By something in my heart I'm chidH
When good I think then quick and patH
That something says 'My child do that 'I
When I too near the stream would goJ
So pleased to see the waters flowJ
That something says without a soundH
'Take care dear child you may be drown'd '-
And for the poor whene'er I grieveK
That something says 'A penny give '-
Thus something very near must beA
Although invisible to meA
Whate'er I do it sees me stillL
O then good Spirit guide my willL

Ann Taylor


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